Friday, July 31, 2009

proud :)

apparently, recently STAR and RHB bank has collaborated in holding a competition amongst all secondary schools in the nation, "mighty minds"..or something like that.and as usual, SMKTM always last minit in looking for a team to send.LOL.

my lil bro got a phone call from his teacher on the saturday afternoon (dunno since when he's so popular wann) ; was asked to gather another 2 and represent the school in the competition the NEXT DAY. got his two friends,sacrificed their sunday..anddd almost won! i'll let him do the rest of the story-telling.

**aiman, reason for this?? bangga gilerrr weii!! cayaaa ahhh!! hahahaha :D. when u keluar tv,tell me tau.then i'll spread the word :))

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