Wednesday, July 15, 2009


spent my whole evening watching every harry potter and the half blood prince's trailers and interviews on youtube. its basically the movie i've been waiting since everrr.. and for the 1st time,i'm not watching a harry potter movie premier.sighhh~

i then,searched to find out that the movie has premiered in India during the 10th!! my grin faltered when i saw it didn't cover mangalore!! (which is d nearest cinema from manipal, yet still being 2hrs away) my mistake of getting excited too early.. i heard that the HP movie will only be out in early august here, since transformers just got realesed here last week... by that time, the movie would be covered with crytococcous neoformans (to the persons scratching their heads, its a kind of fungus).

i shall just have to wait patiently, grinding my teeth while sitting in a corner.

*stands in the center*

and if anyone dare to spoil it for me, U SHALL RECEIVE CONSEQUENCES!! dah tgk sudah,dok diam diam. rawrr :)

*sits back in the corner*


(looks toward melawati)
"ermm... AIMAN oiii, no need la use sampai 6 apples for ONE glass of juice."

hahahahaha :D

post script : am having self-esteem,yeah.

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