Friday, July 24, 2009

mixed up

this morning, i proudly say that i was the one who woke noreen up, which is a very rare occasion indeed. ignoring the fact that we were already running late at that time.ahahaha.

i tell you, being in 2nd year with classes starting only at 9am rocks! but then,its adverse effect includes developing tolerance to it. so, during those occasions when classes are brought forward to 8am, waking up bring thoughts like 'nak pontenngggggg' or 'to hell with it lah.good night!' :))

(wonders to self)
and to think, a year back..waking up at 7am was such a breeze.oh well. still not complaining about the 9am. haha!


i was saddened to hear the news about yasmin ahmad, who is currently in ICU after getting a stroke attack in TV3's studio at Sri Pentas. datuk siti nurhaliza was the one who actually helped with the chest compressions during the CPR process while waiting for the ambulance.

for those who is wondering who she is (nampak sangat anda bukan true malaysian, or just plain katak bawah tempurung ;) ) , yasmin ahmad is a famous malaysian director,writer and script writer. her many produced adverts and films are known for their humour and features on malaysia's multi-cultural community.

get well soon yasmin, god bless :)


below are shoutouts to random people :-

budak-budak, i'm coming home in another 28 days!!! :)

kepada incik 'chuck bass', cik 'megan fox' berkata "another 2weeks and 1day to go.ily okengs :))"

chico, rinduu! owh,dan mahu remind to kumpul duet for that meal ur suppose to blanja me.ngeeee~

rafar hunnies. can't wait to see you biatches!! misssh u guys.loads.

ermm..yeah. that should cover all basses ;)

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Unknown said...

syg..yasmin ahmad officially rest in peace 2345hrs 25/07/09 :(