Monday, July 13, 2009


for the month of july..

12th - hanna (me) & wanie
13th - zeerah
14th - joe & everlyn

in the same batch pulak tuh.haha. me,wanie n zeerah had a song sang for us this more round :p

nothing extraordinary happened today..till i came back for lunch. i went in to see a yellow envelope on my study table. my curiosity piqued even more when i saw the malaysian stamp! a birthday card, all the way from puchong KL :))


after lunch, headed back to class. where i found a present for me, wrapped in red. with no name! grrreeaattt.. i was ready with a 'thank you!!' and hugs; but i have no idea who to give it to.. =.=

kah shien, kuhan n nat even pakat to make an annoucement to ask who gave it to me. they just had to lah. yet,till now..i dunno is the senderS (note the 'S', hence its not a secret admirer if u were wondering.its rather obvious when 'we love you' is written on the wrapping.haha)
whoever u guys are, thank you soooo much for the bag!! :))

any more surprises that i need to be aware of??

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