Monday, July 13, 2009

12 . 07 . 2009

it has been a love-filled one. felt it from the ones near me, and also all the way from malaysia and australia :))

being the typical blur-headed person, that nadia jamil went and wish me so early. making nadiah n noba following her actions.haha.i was like.. 'wahhh.. semua semangat x sabar wanna wish me.haha'. then i thot fb might be wrong, i actually went to noreen's lappie to check if it was stated correctly.hahahaha :D

the wishes came pouring in at 9.30pm here, which indicates 12am in malaysia. 1st to call me was Ad (yeah, u won.haha).


sharp at 12am.. the doorbell rang. n conveniently noreen's fone rang at THAT moment. so,i was asked to open the door.embraced for any weird attacks, i opened the door to see my other two biatches, sumethee n si sheila swift bearing a cake n a bag full of chips. being them,they started singing my birthday song as loud as they could n off-keyed..hahaha.
we munched, gossiped, laughed our assess off, popped poppers, blew balloons and made each other pregnant and other stuff which is indecent to be told here.hahaha :)).

thanks ah noreen -.-

it may just be us four, but i was content. *goes around n french kiss each and every one of u guys!*

sheila gave me this card,with adjectives which describes her better. noreen gave me a 3-foot-long card (okay,mild exaggeration..but it IS loooooong).

left : sheila's, right : noreen's

then,i was surprised with a pink envelope by sheila. peeked in to find 2 other cards from my family and 3stars.and a gold key locket together * i'mmm freeeee !!!!! * :D. turns out,my mum met sheila during the hols..which was 4mnths ago,to give her this envelope. i was soo touched :')

the key~

found out that aiman n hani trieedd to make a vid for me using the jonas brother's click five's song with modified lyrics. walaupun fail, but awwwhhhhh,its the thought!
love you guys :))

check this out ---> :aiman's blog entry:

for lunch, cik noreen belanja me in basil ! for dinner, cik sheila belanja me in rangoli ! if like this ahh.. can everyday be my birthday?? ahahahahah

all and all...thank you everyone for
the calls, msgs, fb comments, hugs, kisses n

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