Sunday, May 31, 2009

kepada encik berkasut putih,

tomorrow is 1st june 2009 !

loads of luck in kissing ur boss's arse :))

make sure pakai baju semartt, can goda the other cute interns.ngeeee :D
have loads of fun hunn, and jgn lupa text ur indian lady on updates!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

sweet tooth

today,d girls are having their usrah session in our house.noreen, being in charge of d food, got the menu ready and all.with all of this going on,the 'jamie oliver' part of ourselves got excited. went out to get the raw stuff.. came back with dreams of jelly,custard n kek batek!

left : sheila, ajk activity
right : noreen, ajk makan-makan
( x padan dgn badan at all.haha)

with me as the tetamu undangan.ngehehehe

we got rather messy, esp with the kek batek.

-custard in the making-

-marie biscuits for kek batek-

-jelly powder, malaysia mali ah :)-

-aftermath of kek batek-

but the end results...

jelly :)) ,with nata de coco n longan

custard setting in d fridge; the butter beside it is later used for kek batek

ze kek batek :))

selamat tengok je la ek
*stuffs face*..sedappp gileeeerr~

Friday, May 29, 2009

i miss.sangat.

just came back.on the pc.1st ym buzz of the day.n THIS pops up
sarah hani: i tgh korek hidung
boami88: u kalah.i tgh korek bontot,n den bau

boami88: hahahahah
sarah hani: hahahaha.bodoh gila

sarah hani: i korek

sarah hani: den tgk2 tahi hidung

sarah hani: hijau

boami88: again,x layann
boami88: i korek hidung,tgk taik,bau jap

boami88: den jilat

boami88: hahahahhahahahha

sarah hani: haha

boami88: i win,again
sarah hani: i korek
sarah hani: tengok
sarah hani: bau
sarah hani: x jilat

sarah hani: bt

sarah hani: buang ats lntai

boami88: hahahaha
boami88: buduhh
priceless,i tell you.if mamat tennis ada,kan lagi best.
xpe xpe,will be back to haunt u guys in 12 weeks time.

meanwhile,i know u brats miss me even more kan kan kan??


Thursday, May 28, 2009

manU lost *cue sigh of contentment*

blocks in 2 weeks.i cant focus life-span lasts only for 10mins.the next thing i know,i'm back on d lappie.its like i'm being hypnotized.
this is not good.not good at

owh, and BARCELONA kicked the devil's arse and become this year's CHAMPIONS !!!
*padan muka budak-budak merah.ngahahaha*

peace :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

lunch breaks

today's lunch break was a memorable one, talking of things that we plainly missed.
  • the educator
  • kuntum mags
  • power rangers
  • sin chan
  • doraemon and he's 'pintu sesuka hati!' and basically,singing the song awayyyy *hahaha*
  • truck bringing free milo!
  • and you know..during those assembly,a man on the stage will go, "we'll pass around this form.tick on what you want,they will be sent tomorrow". they here referring to susu coklat dutch lady,vitagen,etc.. :D
  • batu seremban, ting-ting, lubang tikus, tutup botol..n not forgetting,that game where we try to beat each other with erasers climbing on each other, i.e pemadam!
good times :))



note : son, i'm still waiting for my doublechoc subway cookie. thankyouverymuch :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

of mocca and ciggies

i'm currently addicted to songs from a band MOCCA.its an indonesian band that plays jazzy-indie-ish songs.very very soothing i might say :)

me favourites




*dedicated to gendut :))


during lunch break,i came home to try to finish my IL notes (which is nvr ending,i say). opened my mailbox to see a bunch of new emails. one of them came bearing an interesting, yet sarcastic video.found the same vid in utube.


feel free to laugh, i did :D
kudos to an indonesian advertising company (i think)
moral of the story : guys,stop the smoking.not only its bad for your health; the info abt ciggs containing those rat poison are facts.n plus,they make ur breath stink n stain the teeth yellow.URGH.

btw,imy :(

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the never-ending

i remember...
all of us had that moment when our ambition is to b a doctor..once upon a time.a child form of us would blink; think; admire how great it would be to put a DR title in front of our names.i noe i had it.

DR. Farah Hanna (uber cool,don't you think?)

but i tell may be a beautiful picture.but the journey to paint it,oh-god..its not xcactly what u call FUN.for example...

  1. books are our new boyfriends, sharing our beds in some nights
  2. tests n exams dun bother us that much anymore, its more of a daily activity to us
  3. the SDLs,PBLs,ILs are the bane of my existence *groans*
  4. not studying a day is d greatest sin u can do

n never would i (or any of us medic students) admit.but its painfully obvious dat we are all 100% naturale nerds n dorks.on my behalf,it happened rather involuntary.. :(

point of this post?
trying to get the truth out there.medicine is not that great.though part of me is proud of myself for still being far~


i got a call from mummy just now.she n her wonderful husband had a shopping KLCC.without me.mmg kena torture everyday.

sangat sedeh okengs...

was talking to sayang.angels n demons came up.den followed by night at the museum 2.

few hours later,chico enlightened me abt his experience with angels and demons.and also,he's happily taking his niece for night at the museum 2 tomorrow.
*double sigh*

n i say..
"what on earth am i doing here?" *SIGH*

and,the cherry on top..

me : sgt sedeh ok..dah la my 1st day of exam falls on d wedding day,on d 6th.mengongggggg~!

*the wedding's refer to two cousins of mine,which is getting married on the same part of it,one is going to happen in cheras,kuala lumpur.n the other one is in sungai koyan, cool is that.. and as u can observe,i'm d only person who is not going to be there!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

kak yang : exam soon yer? pity u won't b here for both wedding...:(. u nak gambar? 3g (kira live telecast ler kan)...or Vcam..or Wcam?...pileh ler....akan dgn besar hatinya beta usahakan...

p/s : i dah watch Nite In da Mesuem best lgk sgt best kalau farah join jugak ... ayat sekadar mengambik ati yer..jgn pasan lelebey...

me : argh!!!! dun talk movie!! *sakit hati ku*

kak yang : nanti nak tgk monster vs alien...wif aiman n honey..3D babe...nak join meh ar....hahahahaha...july ada ice age 3 n apa yg penting..harry potter...hahahahah

me : *eyes narrows into slits*
i'm gonna stop toking to u..n sambung stdy in this rate.arggh!!

kak yang : okay slamat study....tpkan cuba bygkan sambil study minum frap sbucks....mesti shiok...

and all this happened in one same fateful day.
what have i done to deserve this??


Saturday, May 23, 2009

rebellion.full stop.

this is me.rebelling.i just found out,even my sister has a blog! sheesh -.-
so,again,this is me.with a blog.pathethic right.haha.

so,here's to my newly opened blog