Monday, May 23, 2011

Historical city of Malacca

Its been FORever. I found better things to do with my time but being on hiatus this long is just ridikulus. So, hello again to my imaginary readers :D. I've finally checked in the one N only malacca campus. Been here for the past month and a half.



Yes yes. I should be thanking god i'm finally back home, nearer to family, actually able to understand the sick aunties, yadayadayada. But in my current stress rate, i'm sure to combust anytime soon! rawr.

Im in the middle of my surgery postings. 3 more weeks of 15-page casesheets, surgical drawings and workshops. ketabahan farah hanna! *wuusaaa*

finally got my deserved break last friday after a gruelling week. fun times with friends watching pirate. all i can say is; alahaiii, kapten sparrow <3