Thursday, July 2, 2009

rain rain,

go away. come back again another day.

if i am to tell u, that i havent seen Mr. Sun for more than 24hrs.. would u believe me??

the monsoon season has finally climaxed here.bearing gallons and gallons of water! and also with the wind that blows umbrellas away *literally*. basically, its the normal way of life to appear in class half wet.. eventho you were using the umbrella on the way there.

manipal at 4PM

supremo ball is coming this saturday.and sheila is gonna perform with the band. babe,promised you that huge banner with blue glitter.its almost done! haha :p

me and noreen meredah hujan n headed to udupi just now.our mission was to look for a selendang to go with her outfit. otw there, we were amused to see an elephant walking on the main road. it even had a makeshift raincoat on.haha. the things you only can see in India :)

post script : to whom it may concern, only 10 days left!! :D


royale said...

lalalala...wut 10days (9days at the moment i'm replying) r u talking about..lalala :)

malinaramlan said...

an elephant?! cool nya!