Saturday, October 23, 2010

next up!

after 3 weeks of history taking, palpation (a word that i always tersasul with palpitations. hehh :D), main-main with itu stets; medicine postings are finally done! eventho it was very tiring, dgn ada doctor that won't even look at you if u want to ask her something, summore got patients that can pull their blankets over their heads so fast and buat-buat tido when we come near them; it was actually a nice experience. finally, i can see what it means to be a healer. regardless; aiman farhan, you're still to do SOMETHING ELSE and not medicine. harap maklum. heh :)

psychiatry postings coming after. excited? YES. as many of my dear ones know, i've always wanted to be a psychiatrist/psychologist for as long as i can remember. LOL. but it may not be like how i imagined it. fingers crossed people! X)

owh, dan jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

MAHU!!!!!! *salivates*

Monday, October 18, 2010

the truth behind the joke. blergh.

Criterias for becoming a Malaysian Govt Doctor. Theres no need for an aptitude test. Students should consider these requirements:

1. No life outside medicine; this includes dating, sports, clubbing, chores for your parents and visiting the toilet.

2. Not to live with your parents. Move out ASAP as they will never understand the ludicrous working hours that u go through. Furthermore, chores are not suitable for u as to rule No. 1.

3. Not to be married until completion of all 4 years of Govt Compulsory service as u will be transferred left and right to some of the most remote Govt clinics in Malaysia. Having wife and kids to follow you to your new working area may increase high level of stress on all parties. Furthermore, if your spouse is a Govt Doctor, he/she will also be transferred away from u and no matter what appeal is made, KKM will put up a deaf ear (unless u have big cables or of a certain skin color).

4. If married, no to have children until u finish all 4 years of Govt Compulsory service, as to which u and your spouse will not have much time for your child/children or they end up not recognizing u and refer the Indonesian maid as their mother (change in language patterns commonly follow).

5. To obtain life insurance once your govt service begins as there is not many claims for accidents during work. Don't be fooled, Doctoring in Malaysia is hazardous.

6. Able to withstand 36 hours of non stop work and stress without mistakenly labeling Left for Right or uvula for vulva (or Volvo S40)

7. To buy a car with complete safety features (like I'm doing) which includes multiple airbags, ABS, EBD, side-front-rear-top-parallel and diagonal impact bars and seat belts to ensure survivability if u are involved in an accident because your driving resembled a drunkard maniac after working in the hospital for 40 hrs non stop.

8. Constant supply of coffee

9. Nicotine Patch as u will have the urge to start smoking due to overwhelming stress

10. Interest in watching medical sitcoms such as House MD, Scrubs, ER, Grays Anatomy and Chicago Hope to inspire u to continue your life as a doctor as the exciting things u see on TV does not resemble the real life of a Malaysian govt doctor.

11. Not to have any pets or plants (not even cactuses) as u will have no time to feed or care for them and eventually all will end up in your mortuary.

12. Able to endure the stench of your own sweat as to when 36 hours "on call" does not permit u time to bathe or freshen up.

13. Able to carry on working without food or water over 15 hours. ( I was in OT for 16 hrs without food, water or bathroom breaks). If during fasting month, able to break your fast with ?water for injection? as u had no time to buy food.

14. Able to come to work with fever/cough/illness or physical disability (sprained ankle etc) as to which doctors do not deserve MCs. (My MO was on crutches during rounds)

15. Able to stand scolding, destructive criticism, kiss ass behaviors, racial bias, finger pointing, scape goating, and in competency from your superiors.

16. Able to withstand the jealousy when your friends call u up for some fun and ur stuck in the hospital during on call.

Extract from:

niceeeeeeee. sheesh =='

bukannya nak bagi kata-kata semangat. grrr :p

Friday, October 15, 2010


ever had this feeling that u're not adequately enough? no matter how hard u try to make a person comfortable, u can never achieve it. ever thought urself as irritatingly annoying? or is it annoyingly irritating.. does it even make sense? keeping a brave face forward, yet also wanting to shout out of frustration. is it really a crime to be happy always? to look at everything optimistically? i mean, compared to all the so called problems we face.. we are not the ones fighting against a fatal disease; or tak cukup makan ke.. life may not dish out the best of everything for us, but the least we could do is make the best of it right? now, am i being a surrealist; when i should be living as a realist?


went to my dearest friend, mariam's blog. to find out its actually illegal to be fat in japan; click here. if this law gets implemented all over the world, this would so rid most diseases that haunt mankind now. and HUGE plus point, more hot guys too drool at XD *hannaaa hannaaa. tsk tsk tsk*

owh, dan saya MAHU itu iphone4. alahaiii. all the pictures i've seen was like "cik hanaaa, beli lah saya. u know u want me". sgt spoilt brat, saya tahu. but owh well..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sudden thought

few places i just wanna spend weeks at :

just totally in the mood to travel. super random, i know :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

*blows away all dust*

its been like what, almost a year? LOL. writing wasn't fun anymore before, things was going upside down for me. but now that i'm back on the original road, i can finally smile and say yawwwww, waddup!! :D

now that i'm in my clinicals, posted at the medicine wards. things are definitely wayy better then sitting my arse down at the study table to study patho, pharm, microb, blaaablaablaaa. more free time too. the rare mild honeymoon phase. haha.

the only thing is, the patients here don't actually know english. not even hindi or tamil kot, kannada is used around here. its basically how, cantonese n mandarin is the major chinese language.. and here, everyone uses hokkien only. aiya. for the 1st day, i felt like a 5 year old in front of the patient. flipping through the translation papers, looking for the word FEVER. took me blarrdy 15mins to ask "aunty, do u have fever?" ==''

asking is fine, the answer is a whole other story. LOL. nodding and geleng2 kepala i can take, yes and no. and we'll all go "aahhhhhhhh, no fever". but if the aunty extra baik and friendly, she'll start to story from A-Z in super speed. catching the words is hard enough, trying to actually faham the words. owh, the horror. haha :)

besides all that, its going great. company and nice memories. LIFE IS GOOD :)

postscript :
cik nurain dan babi kesayanganku,
dah lupa aku ke wei????