Friday, October 30, 2009


its has been a dark, yet liberating night.

thank you kamuh, thank you...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

of perverted calls and the current obssesion

yesterday morning, 7.00am

hanna was sleeping so soundly, 1 more hour till having to get up for class. her phone rings, waking her up in a start. she looks to see an unknown number. grumbling over her lost sleep, she presses the green button..

H : helloooo (so lah the mamai at that time)
the IDIOT : who is this??
H monolog dalaman : tempe mane la pulak pagi2 buta ni? bodoh tol. (tempe = org tempatan)
H : yeah, who do you want to speak to??? (getting pissed)
the IDIOT : owh. i LOVE you. can i SMELL you bra???
hanna got a shock and was reallllyy pissed by now.
H : bastard. wrong number.

just tell me guys.. who on the blarrddyyy earth gets HORNY at 7 blarrdyy AM?!?!

stupid idiot....argh!! (=.=)"


and on a lighter note, i am now soooo IN LOVE with a korean group DBSK / THSK / TVXQ. not only one of the group member is superbblyyy gorgeous. but their voices are really something :))

just give it a try kayyys :)

post script : micky is mine, all mine :D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

hisss hissss

copy and pasted from :

"The King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the world's longest venomous snake"

MY name is the cobra's last name.
hisss hisss~


Saturday, October 24, 2009

am BACK!!

its already Oct 24th. my last post was Sept 19th. *wiping blog page* sungguh dusty sudah. in my defence, i was superbly very overly totally-indescribable BUSY. SIBUK. SANGAT NO TIME. with that, hope i got the point across. haha :p.

hence, the question. busy on WHAT?!
*be warned.this may be one hell of a long post.haha*

1st things 1st. i'm back in manipal. *cue a reluctant YAYY!* its back to books, classes and bland food. my block 3 started rather uniquely, for i was LITERALLY kicked out of school. haha. actually, it was because i took xtra holidays for raya, hence was MIA for the 1st and 2nd day of classes. came back, found out the dean (who is superrr baik) is now superrr angry, was not allowed to go to the next few classes until the admin decided abt the punishment. i wasn't alone on this okayyy, there were a whole lot of us! 35 peeps to be exact.

can u just imagine the headlines:


we should have been ashamed of ourselves, but it was pretty amusing i suppose. quoting a lecturer who made fun of us, "every batch is always memorable. its just how u guys want us to remember all of u". we definitely made an impression, enough to be mentioned again and again and again and AGAIN to all the upcoming junior batches.LOL.

don't worry. we didnt suffer much. the only thing is we can't afford to miss anymore classes to maintain the attendance percentage.heee~ so,classes starts! and within one week.. out of the blue; we had assignments, homeworks, unfinished business on MSP (my mentor-student-project which i mentioned before here.the presentation day is actually today.haha), ILs, PBLs, SDLs...

this is where the busy part comes in. for 3 weeks, we havent had a single free time; MSP taking up most of our effort. trust me when i say the MSP journey wasn't a smooth one at all. cursing was plenty, the late nights, in a zombie state when in class, the unexplainable amount of stress. i'm just plainly relieved its all OVERRR~

today was the presentation day. my group hand-made our own poster. took us the whole night. i went out at 6pm, to only reach home at 2am. mind u, it was done with only one more day to spare.powerr kan kami :)). the end results was great! it was rather nice, siap ada 2 REAL ciggies on it.haha :D. was dead-tired by the end of it, but the experience and all knowledge shared made it all worth it.ngeeee~

our pride and joy :))

the mentees with the mentor~

HAHA! them, with their self-medication poster :D

need i caption this picca?? heeee :)


past week, received two brand new patho lecturers teaching us. one of them would just never SMILE, i think its pretty impossible for her. looking down on us from the stage..urgh, sgt x menarik ok. the other one pulak, nick-named him based on a certain egg that stars in a famous nursery rhyme. go figure people :p. i know, i know, sgt jahat of me. but god knows, if ure in my shoe (or in any of my batchmate's for that matter).. you would agree with me. sgt patience-testing everytime his class. aiyooo~

so,thats basically it. LOL.
nxt update soon aites!
take care till then :))