Friday, November 18, 2011

its the small things, or the small creatures.

its been awhile since i wrote on this. like whole-heart-on-plate write. and today was just crappy enough to make my fingers click away on the lappie. learning medicine is just not plain taxing for me anymore. it seems like i've lost any minute emotions i have left in my amygdala since i came into surgery postings. last semester, i bitched and whined through it. but, i did enjoy it in some freaky level.

now.. i'm at a stage where i'm just plain scared right down to my osteo to even attend a class. where the teacher picks on you, sending you out of classes, humiliating you; just because your sitting positions are wrong. he might be a prof, knowledge level memang mantap. but then, what's the point when your students are plain terrified of you.

many say, don't run away. he will just remember you and keep hold of you. especially during the worst of times (read: end posting exams). at that point, just pray to god you do well enough for him NOT to fail you. according to eye-witness statements and the statistics, that almost NEVER happens. sigh. all i can do now is study hard, pray harder and just keep crossing my fingers. 2 weeks down, another 6 to go.

Ya Allah, help me here please. Ameen.

emo moment aside. i have a new friend :))

meet mr. orange, the new boy in my life <3

was studying in Mcd with noreen (hello you! if you're actually reading this. hee) when this lil cute thing came around my table for food scraps. ran back to the car, where i ALWAYS keep cat food. (if i can't save all the cats out there, i can at least feed them right? :D) gave him food enough for a week and went back to stdying. he went to go play2 with other ppl, made a fool of himself. i guess he was done for the night and decided to just jump on my lap and doze off.

OHMAIGOD. you tell me, how on earth was i to let him go? there was so much drama in between, which would embarrass me. i'm skipping it all to say he is now safe and comfortable in my home. taken care and being fed like 10 times a day. man, he's eating like all the time and not pooping. how's that even possible?? like sheila says, exploited itself to get a better life, from the streets----to a home. HEEE :DD

he made me smile through the week. calling home thrice a day to check up. i guess, HE gave me a lil happiness bfore all the shitty stuff came. so, am still strong and bitching about it here. LOL. i say, bring it on next friday sir! i'll be ready.