Sunday, July 19, 2009

harry potter and the half blood prince

beware, spoilers ahead

headed to mangalore yesterday for the long waited movie, riding the bus alone ain't that bad of an exprience :)) the movie??

amazed. amused. brilliantly awesome!!

without a doubt, i think everyone should carve some time out to watch this movie. it was magically well done by director david yates, great acting by its casts and don't even get me started on the CGI effects.

my favourite scenes involved the cave, where
  • harry had to force down the black water down dumbledore's throat, which i thought was perfectly done according to the book
  • the ring-of-fire effects. yeay CGI!! niceeee :)

not forgetting, how the friendship btween the three was beautifully shown at the stairway scene, when hermione depended on harry for a shoulder to cry on (u deserved the bird attacks won-won!! ). and how in midst of all the tension, yates managed to show the humourous side of the story very nicely too. who would also imagine that THE great draco malfoy had such a sensitive side of him.

i went out of the cinema, grinning widely eventhough a twinge of dissapointment was felt. as i've told everyone, they just haddd toooo cut off the last parts of the book. i was looking forward for the funeral and the end battle which was MIA. the ending was rather abrupt too..


the movie was superb!! but the ending sucked just a very bit~

owh owh, and dearest dumbledore, rest in peace :'(


today, lunch was at geeta's n sumi's place. chef geeta made tomyam, syauqi cooked lala and ikan bakarrr. and desert was rojak buah. syiook weyh!! hahaha :D


full stomach.rainy weather.comfy warm clothes.
good night! XD


Hezry Abu Hasan said...

i stoned during HP,tak paham la weyh (dts because i ddnt see da other series hehe)

hanaa (: said...

u mmg,cnnot appreciate good stuff.haha

yuhhui said...

hey.. harry potter is nice ! jsut watched it yesterday! wooh!