Friday, July 31, 2009

proud :)

apparently, recently STAR and RHB bank has collaborated in holding a competition amongst all secondary schools in the nation, "mighty minds"..or something like that.and as usual, SMKTM always last minit in looking for a team to send.LOL.

my lil bro got a phone call from his teacher on the saturday afternoon (dunno since when he's so popular wann) ; was asked to gather another 2 and represent the school in the competition the NEXT DAY. got his two friends,sacrificed their sunday..anddd almost won! i'll let him do the rest of the story-telling.

**aiman, reason for this?? bangga gilerrr weii!! cayaaa ahhh!! hahahaha :D. when u keluar tv,tell me tau.then i'll spread the word :))

Thursday, July 30, 2009

the circus has come again!


the stress levels are yet to rise studying rate is non-exsistant in a way. hee hee ;p

enough fooling around, off to the books!

(reluctantly) yeayyy! =.=
later guys~

post script : 21 days till kuala lumpur !!!! :)))))

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


past few days,my mind has been on over-drive.never in peace,thinking of so many yet very trivial things.useless spitting it all out here,u'll just get that angkat-kening reaction and might think i've gone ku-ku.sigh.they are not important in anyway,not containing any priority,no-where near the life or death category.yet,these thoughts haunt me like nobody's business,tears shed.even made me lose my temper to loved ones;which is a very rare event.

am not in peace.need home badly.
mr holiday,come faster.
please and thankyou.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

an admired person.

u'll be sorely missed. god bless you :)



yesterday, we had a sort of lawatan sambil belajar to the KMC hospital's blood bank and the clinical pathology lab. so,at 9.30 am..i made my way towards the blood bank 1st,to see the rest of the group were already there.

uber cool i tell the blood bank, we were shown basically how to collect blood. to ought to know that donating blood is not simply done. the procedure is enough to make you cross-eyed. getting the blood is one, keeping the blood is another. the medical officers would actually have to divide the blood into parts for testing n storage. i found out that a bag of blood can only be kept for 5 days max. xplains why the public is often urged for blood donation.

next, we headed to the patho lab. where they do tests on blood,urine,stool,etc for any abnormalities. we're shown a room full of machines made to do things we learnt in class.

(what's the point of burdening us with
xtra curricular if they already have machines for it i say.. sheesh =.= )

the technology now is superbly advanced, making us go '
oooooohhh' and 'aaahhhhhh' everytime the machines move an inch.haha. was shown more cool stuff, had a small briefing and it ended.

at 1.30 pm. hungry.

that was all i could think of.haha. headed to the foodcourt and ate.ze end :))

Friday, July 24, 2009

mixed up

this morning, i proudly say that i was the one who woke noreen up, which is a very rare occasion indeed. ignoring the fact that we were already running late at that time.ahahaha.

i tell you, being in 2nd year with classes starting only at 9am rocks! but then,its adverse effect includes developing tolerance to it. so, during those occasions when classes are brought forward to 8am, waking up bring thoughts like 'nak pontenngggggg' or 'to hell with it lah.good night!' :))

(wonders to self)
and to think, a year back..waking up at 7am was such a breeze.oh well. still not complaining about the 9am. haha!


i was saddened to hear the news about yasmin ahmad, who is currently in ICU after getting a stroke attack in TV3's studio at Sri Pentas. datuk siti nurhaliza was the one who actually helped with the chest compressions during the CPR process while waiting for the ambulance.

for those who is wondering who she is (nampak sangat anda bukan true malaysian, or just plain katak bawah tempurung ;) ) , yasmin ahmad is a famous malaysian director,writer and script writer. her many produced adverts and films are known for their humour and features on malaysia's multi-cultural community.

get well soon yasmin, god bless :)


below are shoutouts to random people :-

budak-budak, i'm coming home in another 28 days!!! :)

kepada incik 'chuck bass', cik 'megan fox' berkata "another 2weeks and 1day to go.ily okengs :))"

chico, rinduu! owh,dan mahu remind to kumpul duet for that meal ur suppose to blanja me.ngeeee~

rafar hunnies. can't wait to see you biatches!! misssh u guys.loads.

ermm..yeah. that should cover all basses ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

harry potter and the half blood prince

beware, spoilers ahead

headed to mangalore yesterday for the long waited movie, riding the bus alone ain't that bad of an exprience :)) the movie??

amazed. amused. brilliantly awesome!!

without a doubt, i think everyone should carve some time out to watch this movie. it was magically well done by director david yates, great acting by its casts and don't even get me started on the CGI effects.

my favourite scenes involved the cave, where
  • harry had to force down the black water down dumbledore's throat, which i thought was perfectly done according to the book
  • the ring-of-fire effects. yeay CGI!! niceeee :)

not forgetting, how the friendship btween the three was beautifully shown at the stairway scene, when hermione depended on harry for a shoulder to cry on (u deserved the bird attacks won-won!! ). and how in midst of all the tension, yates managed to show the humourous side of the story very nicely too. who would also imagine that THE great draco malfoy had such a sensitive side of him.

i went out of the cinema, grinning widely eventhough a twinge of dissapointment was felt. as i've told everyone, they just haddd toooo cut off the last parts of the book. i was looking forward for the funeral and the end battle which was MIA. the ending was rather abrupt too..


the movie was superb!! but the ending sucked just a very bit~

owh owh, and dearest dumbledore, rest in peace :'(


today, lunch was at geeta's n sumi's place. chef geeta made tomyam, syauqi cooked lala and ikan bakarrr. and desert was rojak buah. syiook weyh!! hahaha :D


full stomach.rainy weather.comfy warm clothes.
good night! XD

Friday, July 17, 2009


scratch the last post

HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE was just released in mangalore's cinema !!!!!

*jumps up and down, grins widely, clap clap*

come saturday, here i come dan !!! :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


spent my whole evening watching every harry potter and the half blood prince's trailers and interviews on youtube. its basically the movie i've been waiting since everrr.. and for the 1st time,i'm not watching a harry potter movie premier.sighhh~

i then,searched to find out that the movie has premiered in India during the 10th!! my grin faltered when i saw it didn't cover mangalore!! (which is d nearest cinema from manipal, yet still being 2hrs away) my mistake of getting excited too early.. i heard that the HP movie will only be out in early august here, since transformers just got realesed here last week... by that time, the movie would be covered with crytococcous neoformans (to the persons scratching their heads, its a kind of fungus).

i shall just have to wait patiently, grinding my teeth while sitting in a corner.

*stands in the center*

and if anyone dare to spoil it for me, U SHALL RECEIVE CONSEQUENCES!! dah tgk sudah,dok diam diam. rawrr :)

*sits back in the corner*


(looks toward melawati)
"ermm... AIMAN oiii, no need la use sampai 6 apples for ONE glass of juice."

hahahahaha :D

post script : am having self-esteem,yeah.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

another interesting lunch

found out who gave the bag to me :))
zila, zirah, as, nad & fariha;
thank you soo very much!!

hence, lunch time! went back with intentions to write more lab reports. 30mins after, the door bell rang. mr. postman was outside, holding another registered parcel for me!! hahaha :D

turns out to be cards from meewa n tqah in JJM,devangere. tqah even gave me a keychain with bunches of banana. aiyooo, ironic gila perempuan.hahaha :D

* for those who are wondering, meewa was my roomie n tqah was my housie back in college.and the banana part.. erm,u see.i was known as hanna banana among them before this. hence,the mocking keychain :p


just moments ago, noreen came back from her MSP meeting with her mentor. she passed me a little wrapped frog, 'roslan bagi. he said happy belated bday'. i started laughing!! see the pic, n tell me if it didnt amuse u too :D. and Lan Lan, thannnkkk youuu for IT!

Monday, July 13, 2009


for the month of july..

12th - hanna (me) & wanie
13th - zeerah
14th - joe & everlyn

in the same batch pulak tuh.haha. me,wanie n zeerah had a song sang for us this more round :p

nothing extraordinary happened today..till i came back for lunch. i went in to see a yellow envelope on my study table. my curiosity piqued even more when i saw the malaysian stamp! a birthday card, all the way from puchong KL :))


after lunch, headed back to class. where i found a present for me, wrapped in red. with no name! grrreeaattt.. i was ready with a 'thank you!!' and hugs; but i have no idea who to give it to.. =.=

kah shien, kuhan n nat even pakat to make an annoucement to ask who gave it to me. they just had to lah. yet,till now..i dunno is the senderS (note the 'S', hence its not a secret admirer if u were wondering.its rather obvious when 'we love you' is written on the wrapping.haha)
whoever u guys are, thank you soooo much for the bag!! :))

any more surprises that i need to be aware of??

12 . 07 . 2009

it has been a love-filled one. felt it from the ones near me, and also all the way from malaysia and australia :))

being the typical blur-headed person, that nadia jamil went and wish me so early. making nadiah n noba following her actions.haha.i was like.. 'wahhh.. semua semangat x sabar wanna wish me.haha'. then i thot fb might be wrong, i actually went to noreen's lappie to check if it was stated correctly.hahahaha :D

the wishes came pouring in at 9.30pm here, which indicates 12am in malaysia. 1st to call me was Ad (yeah, u won.haha).


sharp at 12am.. the doorbell rang. n conveniently noreen's fone rang at THAT moment. so,i was asked to open the door.embraced for any weird attacks, i opened the door to see my other two biatches, sumethee n si sheila swift bearing a cake n a bag full of chips. being them,they started singing my birthday song as loud as they could n off-keyed..hahaha.
we munched, gossiped, laughed our assess off, popped poppers, blew balloons and made each other pregnant and other stuff which is indecent to be told here.hahaha :)).

thanks ah noreen -.-

it may just be us four, but i was content. *goes around n french kiss each and every one of u guys!*

sheila gave me this card,with adjectives which describes her better. noreen gave me a 3-foot-long card (okay,mild exaggeration..but it IS loooooong).

left : sheila's, right : noreen's

then,i was surprised with a pink envelope by sheila. peeked in to find 2 other cards from my family and 3stars.and a gold key locket together * i'mmm freeeee !!!!! * :D. turns out,my mum met sheila during the hols..which was 4mnths ago,to give her this envelope. i was soo touched :')

the key~

found out that aiman n hani trieedd to make a vid for me using the jonas brother's click five's song with modified lyrics. walaupun fail, but awwwhhhhh,its the thought!
love you guys :))

check this out ---> :aiman's blog entry:

for lunch, cik noreen belanja me in basil ! for dinner, cik sheila belanja me in rangoli ! if like this ahh.. can everyday be my birthday?? ahahahahah

all and all...thank you everyone for
the calls, msgs, fb comments, hugs, kisses n

Sunday, July 12, 2009



was 21 years ago


Friday, July 10, 2009

weekends baby!

another week passed by, didnt even feel it.nothing major happened, that's interesting enough to blog paragraphs,i'm just gonna type random stuffs that i can remember off my head now ;)

TUESDAY, 070709
  • puasa-ed today, opened with cheff inn's rendang ayam+white rice+sambal tempe heated up by me :)
  • had clinical skills, learnt how to do a rectal examination.can say i'm quite good at it.any volunteers?? *smiles innocently*
  • that night, i burnt my study attempts. but at least my darling housemate tried, just not hard enough.hehe

ended up sleeping.haha

  • puasa-ed again, this time with shee. 3 of us had dinner in basil,regardless that it was raining ribut outside.haha.had a great makan-makan session with laughter.
  • was picked to present during microb sdl.went smoothly enough :)
  • learnt all about the ubat for the disturbed ppl, was intro-ed to my fav drug since primary, THE BARBITURATES (cos i liked the way it sounded). say it with me barrr-bi-tu-raat. cool kan? haha
  • owh owh, and today was our 23rd month :)

THURSDAY, 090709
  • died when i had to wake up for a 8am class. on my defence,it was raining and dark outside.just wanted to stay under my blanket :p
  • i am now laden with knowledge about the one and only.. the BLACK PLAGUE. n yes,it is as scary as how the name sounds. n yes,there's still cases of it till now. n no,it can't be eradicated.
  • got a copy of transformers2 thats bearable to watch *finally*. was jumping up and down with excitement, and bumblebee is my hero :D

FRIDAY, 100709
  • woke up with a nice sight, the sun shines its rays on the manipal land.and it lasted the wholeee dayyyy.
  • was cursing my forensic lecturer.had to drag the class till foreverrr.n i was sooo sleepy. i was just plain CRANKY
  • went jogging, after weeks of rain. otw back.. [out of nowhere,with no warning whatsoever,suddenly] it RAINED cats and dogs! i reached home sambil perah baju from air hujan.hahaha.
and tomorrow, me & noreen are heading to mangalore to check out transformers2 on the big screen and have a shopping spree :))
and 2 days more till i'm officially legal~!

so,this sums up the last few days. i'm now gonna finish up my lab reports. sighhh =.=

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

kamuh; always have,always will.
i miss you sooo much <3

till another 5weeks only, ily :)

*just fin watching MJ's memorial.

sadness overwhelms me~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

twilight; when the night comes to life

supremo ball 2009

was superb fun. everyone was dressed to kill. its pretty much the only time we, medical stdnts get to dress up for a special ready at shee's place wif noreen n kak naz. habis kecoh lah that time.haha. already 30mins late,we headed to valley view to be 'fashionably late'. turns out, we were actually quite early! most ppl havent even showed up.sheesh -.-

ate. watched the supremo talent show. watched the corrupted+dirty, yet managed to be funny sketch. enjoyed sheila's performance (wanted to upload the vid.but it was taking forreverr). took PICTUREEEESSSS; some below,more in mukabuku. then,balik :)

twas a truly fun night :))

* btw, the rain from the previous post.. is yet to stop. imagine THAT.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

rain rain,

go away. come back again another day.

if i am to tell u, that i havent seen Mr. Sun for more than 24hrs.. would u believe me??

the monsoon season has finally climaxed here.bearing gallons and gallons of water! and also with the wind that blows umbrellas away *literally*. basically, its the normal way of life to appear in class half wet.. eventho you were using the umbrella on the way there.

manipal at 4PM

supremo ball is coming this saturday.and sheila is gonna perform with the band. babe,promised you that huge banner with blue glitter.its almost done! haha :p

me and noreen meredah hujan n headed to udupi just now.our mission was to look for a selendang to go with her outfit. otw there, we were amused to see an elephant walking on the main road. it even had a makeshift raincoat on.haha. the things you only can see in India :)

post script : to whom it may concern, only 10 days left!! :D