Tuesday, July 14, 2009

another interesting lunch

found out who gave the bag to me :))
zila, zirah, as, nad & fariha;
thank you soo very much!!

hence, lunch time! went back with intentions to write more lab reports. 30mins after, the door bell rang. mr. postman was outside, holding another registered parcel for me!! hahaha :D

turns out to be cards from meewa n tqah in JJM,devangere. tqah even gave me a keychain with bunches of banana. aiyooo, ironic gila perempuan.hahaha :D

* for those who are wondering, meewa was my roomie n tqah was my housie back in college.and the banana part.. erm,u see.i was known as hanna banana among them before this. hence,the mocking keychain :p


just moments ago, noreen came back from her MSP meeting with her mentor. she passed me a little wrapped frog, 'roslan bagi. he said happy belated bday'. i started laughing!! see the pic, n tell me if it didnt amuse u too :D. and Lan Lan, thannnkkk youuu for IT!

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