Sunday, August 2, 2009


found out about the demonstration that happened in KL yesterday. i guess the ISA issue is still alive and kicking. 1st thing that came to my mind was

damnn.. did it have to happen when i'm not around??? mcm cool je!

sadist gila.yeah,i know.

its not really something to be bragged about.i read that there were over 10000 protesters outside sogo yesterday shouting "reformasi!!" and "abolish ISA" and bla bla bla. when i think of it, pictures from the buku sejarah form 3 just pops in my head. remember those black n whites in the book?? haha.

come on lah people. these kind of aktiviti-mempromote-diri really don't achieve that much.our country is known for its peace and democracy. its even OBVIOUS that malaysia is TOO SMALL for things like this.quoting noreen, 3 more of these events and malaysia goes down :p. well,its kinda true what. isn't there a better way to go around this?? rather then walking in the heat,getting pushed around,stung by gasses,hit by water canon. buat sakit jeee.. =.=

in my opinion, ISA law has been a part of this country for awhile and has made malaysia the way it is. why change something that is already good enough? roite?? not that i know about it inside out.cakap mcm pandai je.hahaha :))

sigh.this is why i hate politics.geez.
dah la people, ramadhan is coming.time to take that chill pill :)


12345:) said...

u talking about ramadhan?

malinaramlan said...

OMG KL jam gila kot the day they buat the protest. we had to take the LRT to send my sis to Pudu. Pasar Seni penuh police, dah prepare with the water hose. wakaka.

hanaa (: said...

i can imagine!! pity those people in d cars.haha.but i heard even the train stations were shut down??

malina said...
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malinaramlan said...

Yea. Maharajalela closed. That's why we had to walk all the way from CM to get to Puduraya. hahaha.
Nak pergi Midvalley ikut federal from Subang pun 2 hours stuck in trafic!!

J.Kuhan said...

hanna....didnt know u worry bout national issues this much....not bad at least u coming out ur drama

akashah said...

haha u know what we used to call isa back in the day?we call them I Simply Arrest since they go around arresting anyone and everyone who dares to even talk or write the truth about the leaders and kings and all.isa is a protection for them of some sort.see the other day the chinese guy died was thrown out of the window at a bn building.still nothing in the newspaper about who did it yea?

akashah said...

if the queen of england does illegal trading the tabloids and newspapers are free to write about it there and nothing will happen to them.
if the sultan here does that and anyone dares to say or write anything about it u'll never hear about the person again.or his company for that matter.
so hence u never see anything bad about our kings in the newspaper when they are doing A LOT of things behind our back.
lol tt's how isa works.
still wanna keep them around?=p
sorry la yea for this.personal vendetta against member involved.

sharliza said...

eh, i baru relaize u quoted wat i said.. *bangga* hehehe