Saturday, December 26, 2009

rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer :)

its already the 25th of december. time flew so fast. classes ended officially for 2nd year. 1 week till the block 4 exams. 41 days till the unis. phew.

*stress put aside*

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! ! !

spent the whole day humming ze carols. from rudolph, to 12 days of christmas, and (my very fav!) santa's coming to town. haha. i miss walking around the malls back home, the carols would be playing & being re-played the whole day for sure ;)

study mode is totally on for everyone now. i spent 5 hrs in the library today, a feat i haven't done for a very BERRRYYYY loong time. rather proud of me-self. haha. i did mention, sudah lama tidak pigi itu library. the security is super tight now, even with metal detectors over the bags before entering the main library. mcm kat airport la pulakkk =.='

me and ze girls bought 2metres of clear plastics to paste on the walls. so, its easier if wanna draw diagrams ke, buat flow charts ke, etc. CEEWAHH XD.

but in the end...

*click to enlarge*

the only academical parts are written on the few post-it notes at the far corner. haha. if u can't read what's written.. even better! haha. and please, look and forget everything u just saw. owh, and yeahh, noreen sgt vainnn. hahaha :p

before you geleng-geleng kepala, we DO write notes and paste them. noreen's are nicer to look at, since mine are..... yeah, hers are better *grins*

mind u, this is just a small portion. and now, u can go wahhhhhhh-liaaaaoooooo :))

joe apek & amyy cooked a christmas dinner just now. a small makan-makan for 7 of us. its was very nice to have kick-ass company. haha. we ate ALOT, laughed, talked and more laughter. all this while carols play in the background. the only thing missing was the tree ;)

new year's coming up. gotta at least think of something to do. LOL.
(confirm mummy's face berkerut after reading this sentence :D)

till then, its back to the books!
good night y'all !!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

woot woot !




i balik nanti, open table kat t.g.i fridays eyh. dessert swensen.
sekian, terima kasih


Monday, December 14, 2009



giving up is sooo looking awesome-er now. not that its an option, in any way.

urgh; for goodness sake..

get ur fucking arse moving already.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

so many things, so little words

a very delayed update, apologies eyh :)). so many things happened, didn't even have time for a breather.

it was freakinggg AWESOME! we won 2nd place!! XD All the hard work paid off; a whole month's worth of practice, being pushed and pulled be ze 2 garanggg generals (kuga & ranchini). mind you, the full choreography was by them both, not bad for medical students eyh :D. at least of the batch was outside that night to support us. thank you veryy much all :) ze vdeo link is below. tried to upload the vdeo, it took ages and so i gave up.haha :)

the team :DD


the night didn't end yet for me okengss. termengah-mengah after the dance, walking back to d changing room.. si marsheila om shouted for me from afar. telling me i left something behind. hello! i was sweating like a pig, hardly breathing, and she got me thinking i must have lost my HP or my camera or my...

*cue moment when i turned towards the stage area with a worried face*

and there they were!!
here, in manipal, INDIA.

me?? u could say i was stunned, ze very least. seconds later; u can see this particular girl in a blue outfit, jumping up and down, going "what the hell!?!?" and "what r u guys doing here?!?!"

they both planned a surprise visit, with kerjasama from the useless sheila. haha. they spent 4days 3nights here, memborong sarees and periuk belanga (no kidding :p). even celebrated his birthday here :DD

2 main events of MMMC happened over the last weekend when they both were here. legenda is basically a night organized by the MSAI to introduce the malaysian culture to the locals. it was super grand this year as the msia's high comm of india came to officiate the night.

the annual malaysian food fest was also held together with legenda that night. shee sold fried popiah and kak batek. lost count to how many times i had to xplain WHAT is kek batek. haha. and guess what, her stall was the 1st to be sold out! yeay, 'GERAI BEST' ! XD

a non-stop train ride kots. haha. now that everything's simmered down.. focus is back to the studies. gotta go all out, i can literally feel the exams breathing down my neck. sooo tidak appealing ok =.=''

fyi, tadi got 2 health department officers came knocking on the door. they are giving away free medicine for filariasis, which is on a rise here. interesting eyh? and to whom who can understand this; DEC pills are actually sedap! hahaha :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a day

block 3 is officially over todayy!!!! *grinsss* like any other exams, it has been hard n draining. today's paper was patho practicals. FYI, for this block.. the clinical skills curricular is newly added for us, following according ze unis exams, bla bla bla.
sooo, we had a suturing station @ stitch @ jahit luka lahhh. went for it with confidence and all. even got a "very good!". went to ze nxt station; only to realize, i forgot to anesthetize my patient's hand. started hitting my head quietly.. imagine if it was a real person.. i would have kena terajang weyhhh! hahaha :DD.

dancing competition coming up!! like this wednesday. practice's on full force. a full tube of deep heat is left with only half its content. owell, its now an all out situation right :))

end of the day scenario :p

classes starts tomorrow. sooo fast wan. hardly can breathe weyh. block 4's up. unis will be coming soon. *groansss loudly* just thinking about my 1st unis, makes my dread like hell about this 2nd one. it was a traumatic month and i'm NOT exaggerating on that point. but stil, its d end that makes it worth it right :D

lain-lain :

me and alifah showing of our jerseys :D

we had our own makan-makan (a small one lahh) during ze morning of raya haji. imagine enjoying nasi impit and kuah kacang with exam notes on ur left. aiyoo. sgt sgt menyedihkan~

sekian, terima kasihh !