Friday, January 29, 2010


*enters a black box*

tensi tensi tensi.
apa kes medic nih! gila banyak nk mampos kene study!!!!
should have just taken gourmet weyhhh... baik aku stress pasal makanan.

one more week to unis.n i don't even noe what i laaaaa.....................

*exits a black box*

okays. psycho mode over.
sambung pharmaco.
am soooo in need of a LARGE dose of chlorpromazine (nak tahu, go google urself :p)

Friday, January 22, 2010


finally, the stress sets in. well enough to make a friend of mine lose her mind. marsheila om wrote a pantun yang perasan tahap dewa kentut. her only bahan is me n noreen. useless bitch. hahahaha XD

i'll let u read it for urself n judge her sanity accordingly. heee. bagi i, she dah over-dose microb. star student dah finish block THREE siallll. haha :p.

some words were erased to protect identities *caya ahh, my ayat.haha :p*

just click to enlarge :)

me and noreen tried a counter-attack (the ones in green is ours). haha. fyi, the 2nd verse,yang below the 'cacing'.. I YANG BUAT. hahahaha :p

but, alas.. she bambu us back by writing the last 4 sentences (after the whee!! ngee~). cheh.

accompanying this, is the pathogenesis of tetanus.
hence, yes mummy.. we ARE studying. don't worry :p

Friday, January 15, 2010

missing the other four saaannggaaatttt !!!

in normalcy, u always hear the daughter standing up against the parents to fight for their loved ones. the strict father saying NO! to the chosen guy, the mother disapproving. and now, i must admit i've watched too many dramas. haha :p

10 minutes ago, i laughed my arse off to Pluto while on the phone with my mum. i was being entertained with the latest gossip of my sister having a so-called calon boyfriend. HAHA. and the best part is, hearing the two females bickering thru the phone; the mother asking the daughter to GET a boyfriend, the daughter saying TAKNAK.

mum : xnak dah all this good good friends. i want a different friend pulak.
daughter : good friend, boyfriend. same ony! go out, play, makan, balik. ok la tuh!


owh, how i pity my dad now *sniggers*

rinduuuuu gila kat koranggg!!! :))

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a short hiatus

exams season's up. i know, surely u guys are thinking "selama ni pun always exammm wat"..

but this time, its like big; HUGE. tahap grand master ahh. university exams, the FINALS. sigh. just fin block 4 exams & i'm already mentally tired. god bless me through out the next month. amin~

blogging would go on a kura-kura pace now. considering nothing interesting will actually happen; besides me studying, sleeping, studying, eating, sleeping.. everyday. for a month. see. not interesting :p

special shoutout!!!

anak johari no.2, budak SARAH HANI;
totally scored a place in sydney weyh!! dah la i x sempat meet u this february... sighhhh....
till we ACTUALLY meet, cancel TGI fridays ah. this needs a bigger makan-makan! chinese food shangri-la! fuuhhh.. layan XD

hugss womang! congratzz :))

anak johari no.3, mamat AIMAN FARHAN;
looks like, it was worth it laa.. u ass-kissing everybody through out these years. hahaha :DD. i expect you to score tokoh pelajar for this year ah. then, for once.. i can go to the school and shout for u in the front row, with a banner that says "saya kakak tokoh pelajar!! woot woot!!" & an arrow that points down to me. just how cool is THAT! hahaha XD

hence, u pun kena blanje me makan laterrr :)

miss u guys! :)

anak johari no.1

heee <3

Friday, January 1, 2010

qui sera sera ~

the "happy new year" syndrome

cause : transition from 09 to 10 year

symptoms :
  1. unexplainable happiness
  2. hallucinations of bigger dreams
  3. 'turns-over-a-new-leaf' appearance
complications :
  1. males - happy that they will be older
  2. females - upset over increased age and wrinkles
treatment & prevention : enter a medical school, where they have major exams during its peak incidence.

*the above is credited to mr. sera of MMMC batch 22. macha, i curik ahhh :)

with this said,

may the next year brings more great memories :)))