Wednesday, February 9, 2011

mooo mooo

it was day before yesterday. with extra semangat, i went out jogging around the campus. as usual.

MUST.LOSE.WEIGHT *scrunched up face*

and soo.. there was i, jogging. minding my own business. listening to my mp3 while trying to control muka jogging yang lawa. is there even such a face? heh. thennn, muncul this family of cows. got papa cow, mama cow, even 2 anak cows. they were coming towards me, on both sides of the road. saya pun bagi jalan, jogged in the middle of the road. past them while tahan nafas. they smell like cow poop kot. haha.

suddenly la kan, i heard shoutings behind me. i was like apakahhh??, and turned around. saw one uncle jumping up n down, looking at me n pointing at a cow. guess what, one of the cows started to chase me from behind. literally a cow was running, not brisk walking towards me. can u even imagine it?? i'm guessing its the mama cow but with HORNS. got the shock of my life! apalagi.. i started running my ass of la!

to make it even more annoying, as soon as i started running.. it stopped and made a u-turn to join the family back. hekelehhhhhh, %*#(*!%^@$ punya lembu!!! tak kacau u pun kott!! the uncle pulak, started laughing after it ended. eyh, pakcik ni pun satu T.T

memang nasib badan. sighh =.='

Saturday, February 5, 2011

a proud VIP

i've never stated anything much here about my interest, or others would say obsession, towards a korean group, BIGBANG. but today, i was woken up by his phone call that sent me to the moon! :D. here's the story.

BIGBANG is having this japan concert tour really soon. in the celebration of it, they gabung tenaga with UNIQLO japan and came out with this whole batch of limited edition BB tees. and, i was like, uniqlo KL ada!! soo, apalagi. called up mr boyfie, put in a lil bit of aegyo and made him drive to KL to check it out for me. turns out the shop was closed 2 days for the gongxi gongxi. quoting him, 'u ni kan, mmg nak kene makan lempang pagi2 hari....'. ehehehe. ampun incik!

but him being him, he went again for me today. and whaddya now, the tees are on the shelves! one and only batch to reach KL. no more other shipments. but atleast u don't have to Q up outside the store since 2am! unlike in japan.. dah la sejuk nak mati. owh the competition there =='

th Q is actually WAYYYY longer

itu xpe lagi. the apparels are also sold online, which u can lupakan also. totally sold out an hour after the counter opened. caya ahhhhh. then.. putting all this aside, i'm now a proud VIP with 2 new different BIGBANG tees!! oh yes :DD. and sayanggg, thank you soo very much. ily <3


yeaaa yeaaa, its been so long. i know. heh. if i would to say that its not like i'm out of things to tell but just too excited about going home to care about other things.. would u accept that? LOL. another 16x24 hours more to go till i'm done with india! booyeah! all my things are packed in boxes, my luggage is already half filled. x sabar punya pasal. haha. i am going to miss this place, but enough is enough. i can't take it anymore. IT here includes the food, the people, the mentality of the people, THE PEOPLE. mind, i don't mean everyone here. but still.. urgh. nak balik!!

i'm in my last postings now, surgery! having 2 of the most adorable surgeons teaching us. both almost or maybe even past 70yrs, they are like our atok angkat for 2 weeks. hehe. one of them, dr santosh is very affectionate. and he shows it by physical contact. squeezing the hands, patting the back, etc. 1st class, girls semua nk duduk depan. needless to say, after that.. the behind rows are the hot seats. lol.

the family's at terengganu, nephew getting married. lil bro called me to tell me they went for ICT there, and i was like 'owh, tganu got lampu2 also meh??' turns out, ICT there means ikan celup tepung. sungguh =='

aiman's back home from NS cos of gong xi, gong xi. hani's home too. saya pun nak ada di situ! ;(
u guys better be missing me!