Tuesday, June 30, 2009

oii hani !

go kick some interviewer arse esok kays!!



*on th bright side, if u don't get in..

u'll always have manipal, waiting for u with big open arms.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

the call

just moments ago, mummy called me from home. she must be missing me *smiles*. had a mother-daughter bonding session :))

upon ending the call,i had the best laugh!

mummy :
i've been suruh-ing hani to get a boyfriend cepat2.afterwards, ppl jadi takut when dah berjaya kanggg... susah nk cari boyfriend! (in the background, i can hear her cursing n membebel-ing my mum.hahahaha!! :D ) nanti go australia, go find one n bring home. *then my mum shouts to hani* nant orang dah xnkk, baru tahu!!!


dear sis, go make mummy hapee n get 1 :D

Friday, June 26, 2009

loss of words

i got hit with a migraine attack this morning.so.. dengan terpaksanyaa i had to skip 2 of my morning classes *grins*. when i finally get up to be ready for the afternoon class, i found out that the GREAT Michael Jackson has passed away early this morning. i was literally rendered to speechlessness... i'm not a fanatic, yet his passing affected me in a way i could not discribe.

rest in peace dearest KING OF POP


my block 1 results came out after lunch.. once again today, i was in silence. it was somthing i didn't expect. no..i'm not happy AT ALL :( . *promise to self* i will, WILL study harder for the nxt block. but like what mummy said, its just one block.i've got 3 more to go.just keep faith n work harder. that xplains just y i love her so :))


parcel from home just reached me ; bearing sooo muchhh fooood!! the cabinet is now full again.haha. and special thanks to auntie mai for the sedap-gilaaa sambal tempe!! :)

aiman poyo :
soon..i'll be back soon.8 weeks more!! i noe the house is incomplete without me.no need to annouce it publicly.hahahaha.
n you want to BAKE?!? erkkk... gagagaga.btw! i learnt how to do kek batek.nant i do for u kays~ and that trip to chilis is a MUST, but this time your duit.i'm poor compared to u :P

hani gedeek :
u nak jam baru?? sureeee.. i'll drive us to petaling street.mana2 u want..just choose.i bayar. deal? :D. and kamuh.. thanx for the nyam-nyam!!! hahahaha

owh, and i miss you both too :(

Thursday, June 25, 2009

dear readers,

its been awile since i wrote a real post.but there's really nuthing to story story to all of u.my days now are very basic.same routine all round.
noreen comes in sharp at 8am,wakes me up.then class.lunch at 12.30pm,which means its a recharging nap for me.class ends by 4pm.finalize errands if any n heads home.mandi,makan,stdy * optional :p * n finally off to bed! this goes on for 5 days a week.sgt sgt 'exciting' kan?? sighhhhhh


right now, i'm rather busy with my mentor-student project. my group is researching about *clears throat*

" the hazard awareness and attitude on smoking and alcohol consumption among medical students of MMMC "

not that this project brings marks.basically,it allows us to sit for the exams. n dats d end of it.pembuangan masa yang berkesan don't you think??


and it is known very well that transformers 2 is out back home.guess the newest movie out HERE... happily i report, angels and demons finally embrace us with its presence. i've said it before, and i'll keep saying it again


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


things that i want NOW

1. encik fahmi
2. familia
3. baskin robbin's moose royale
4. a shoulder to put my head on
5. plain ol' comfort

life can be so burdening at times

Sunday, June 21, 2009


*please note the capital bolded A above :D*

faiqah nastasha.that girl of mine has officially made me so hooked on Boys Over Flowers (a korean series) , not that i'm complaining much *grins*

i'm not much of a korean series junkie, but this one is just so ridiculously funny yet incredibly sweet. owh, and not to mention.. i'm falling in LOVE with one of the characters, i.e So Yi Jung played by Kim Bum. go google if ur curious enough. i'm just going to continue drooling over his picture *ignore level of pathetic-ness please*


kak syikin organized a potluck for lunch today. me n noreen were in-charged with fruits and d drinks.went out of the house in d rain to get the things. may i say, we both sgt pro in mixing drinks and cutting fruits now.ngeee :))
i ate so much, i thought i was gonna xplode. we had ayam masak merah (kak syikin), udang+nenas masak lemak (kak naufa), fuchuk chinese style (ain) and jagung pudding (elle). i definately found heaven :D

later in the evening, i had my futsal tournament, under supremo games. andddd.. proudly i say, WE SCORED AND WON 1 GAME !!! it continues tomorrow, pray that it'll go well for us okengs!

- orange de rainbow -

today was simply AWESOME.full stop. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

- daddy -



i miss you, oh so much. may Allah bless you always.

hug, kisses and loves,
your daughter in india

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

post exam mode

days after a block exam is always the best.not sleeping late, coffee is no more a necessity, updating our movie lists. life is good :))

the other night, me n shee had our very own jamming session.did have some recordings but i have no idea how to post it here.so..yeah.haha. we sang mariah carey's songs to celine dion's and also elton john's. it was superb fun! noreen just geleng kepala looking at us, i'm sure she malas nak layan us :D


the raining season has started in manipal land. and the rain here at times, would not stop for a few days literally. during these seasons, the big umbrellas will make appearances. it would seem like there is a competition going on. basically, sape nye umbrella paling lawa?? hahaha

note the yellow, 'bananas in pyjamas' looking umbrella on the right. cute kan??

post script : walking back to class after lunch, me n noreen saw shee's cousin hanging out. had to take a pic :))

reporting from a wet manipal,
me :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

balls; both dinner and game

yesterday, myself n noreen had small measley shopping spree.trying to find ourselves outfits for the upcoming supremo ball.

supremo ball : *refering to the ball part of the word* NO,its not a dinner and dance. its basically a time for us, mmmc medical students, to gather,have a laugh and dress up to the nines :))

found things we wanted, went home and started modelling away.haha.


made history today. i woke up at 6.30AM on an exams-over-very-perfect&sunny sunday for a futsal practice. fahmi woke me up sharp at 6.15, slow-talking me into waking up,telling me that my friends would be waiting for me. i DID become concious,but long enough to only say 'yes sayang..dah bgn dah niii..' andd.. i slept back.haha. sowie kamuh :)

my own alarm went off 5minutes later.making me awake and cursing away, snoozed it twice, then realised i'm going to be late. somehow,someway..i managed to push myself up, got ready and went to sharada court.

all in all,i'm rather proud of myself :))

minus the point that i came back to only roll on noreen's bed for another 3 hours.hahaha :D


tomorrow, block 2 officially starts.going back to classes again.sighh.. the only thing thats keeping me perked up is the thought of HOME

T-minus 10weeks till i see KUALA LUMPUR again !!!!

post script : dear R.A.F.A.R , me is missing u all :(

Saturday, June 13, 2009

perfect ending to a horrific week

tonight was

fun FUN FUN !!!

YEAY :))

Thursday, June 11, 2009

.: the week :.

blocks has ended.the stress couldn't even challenge what i felt for unis. quoting my friends after certain theory and PRACTICALS
"best banging session ever"


"whatever-lah.f**k it.*

and (my favourite)

"ever got raped by a paper?? this is how it feels"

on the bright side : hey, its only our 1st time in 2nd year. come block 2, this whole circus will start again and during that, we will be prepared :)) nuthing much to be added. got a few piccas though~

sheila slept off while waiting for pracs

like i said before,books share our beds

made me sleep at 4am

kerepek tempe *hugs to sheila's mum.kisses to sheila*
i've been kempunan-ing tempe since forever

me and sumi at ze food court

i'm just glad its over!! :))

Sunday, June 7, 2009

kamuh :))


loads of good luck tomorrow and have fun will you?
its been 1yr 10months
ILY; always have, always will

Friday, June 5, 2009


FAMILY.u take advantage of them when they are near.yet when far away, they are the 1st thing you miss.learning it the hard way is the worst feeling.

FAMILY is everything.
friends,even BESTfriends are only a small fraction.
school is NOTHING compared to it.
ponder on it. REMEMBER IT.

sugar rush moments

life's pretty much monotonous these days.woke up at 11.30am (on my defence, i slept at 5am d night before okengs) but it ended with a laugh :))


nap.woke up.bathed.came out. thennn.....noreen came in my room stating that she's bored. being the brilliant me, i said "ice cream jom!!" sooooo.we got dressed.and headed to piccolo's. ate like two obedient pigs.hahaha :D

so,right nooowwww......
i'm loike super duper truper hyper!! wheee!
*relishes high school musical moment.dear partner-in-crime,lets do it again!! ngehehehehe*


okays,back to pathology *energy deflates*
great. pffft

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

exam mode totally on

my days now starts at 9am.ends by 2am..the block 1 exams starts this saturday, lasting for a week.hence,xplaining the nights of staying up, cramping as much as i can into my slowly necrosing brain *sigh*

just came back from the lib.proudly i say, i was there from 5-11pm.power x?? hahaha. me n shee got juling mata arnd 7 or so.decided to go to ccd.pumped ourselves wif evrything containing chocolate.pure bliss, ignoring the point that the cakes there oh-sgt-lah TIDAK SEDAP :S

announcement :
i'm having an acute anxiety attack.period.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i was the geek in pink :)