Saturday, August 15, 2009


its been awhile since i wrote eyhh.. before i say anything, he's out of the hospital already. alhamdullilah :). got diagnosed with viral bronchitis (what, u dah start smoking ke budak?? nak kene terajang??)

i'm in the middle of my block2 exams now, which has been draining me mentally. yet the stress is not as bad as 1st block. the thought of going home in 1 WEEK has been putting all of us here is high moods :). shee even has her own witty way to countdown the days till MALAYSIA :p

my fav (i quote) :

TENsion in the air says TEN more days to go back.TENkiu!!!!!!!!

get it?? 10 days more?? *looks left and right* rite.haha.

the H1N1 scare is increasing here in manipal land. recently, it was said that a student has been infected also. going around in mask is a must-do. i pun baru nk start, just bought 2 yesterday eventho i got supplies from shee. but i just CANNOT make myself wear it.why??

courtesy of marsheila om

shee wins the most-stylish-mask award hands down.haha.she's brave enough eventho we tease her mercilessly coming up with names like 'mask rider', 'pemotong rumput', 'sembur spray nyamuk', 'power rangers bertukar!!'. u catch my drift right.hahaha. still, keep it up shee! its your benefit :)). me n noreen even came with an idea to paint it black. then get black sunglasses and fake machine guns. whoa, cool gila seyh!! hahahaha :D

calls from home. they are definately hiding things from me. mummy said, " its a surprise". chehhhh. might as well don't even clue me in right. haiiishhh... =.='

dearest 1 week, hurry up will you???

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royale said...

surprise? haha..yeke? mcm taw je..haha

sharliza said...

fahmi tau2 aje... hahaha ntah2 hanna balik ni, kena btunang..hahahhhaha

xoxo masked rider

hanaa (: said...
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hanaa (: said...

kalau mulut u masin mask rider, i'll personally go to penang to kick ur butt.hahahaha

xoxo power rangers pink