Sunday, August 9, 2009


never-ending. tension. late nights. migraine. stress. coffee machine. chocolates. sheila & noreen. past years. necrosing brain. nystagmus. going bald. tears. anger. amused. f*%k it.

1st Q : why on earth am i doing medicine again???
2nd Q : can i skip this part, and just go home?? *hooommmmeeeeeeeeeee*


3rd Q : already knowing ure having a panic attack, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS POST missy??

*goes back to the books, again*


sharliza said...

arghhhhhhhhhh....y r we doing medic again? cant i jst b amodel or somthng? hahahhaha

hanaa (: said...

a model?? what happen to the isteri of a datuk kaya?? hahahah

sharliza said...

jd model first..then can attract datuk kaya..kawen n inherit harta then go shopping evryday wit new bfs..hahahha