Sunday, August 23, 2009

journey home

before anything,

wishing everyone a blessed ramadhan :))

i'm finally back in KUALA LUMPUR, and loving it!! would tell u the play-by-play of my trip home.but i'm just too lazee now. basically i left manipal on 22.08.09 at 7.30am. i then traveled to...

mumbai ----> chennai ----> KLIA at 23.08.09 at 6.15am

yeah, transited twice. travelling and fasting is not really a great combination. buka puasa at chennai, which got worst since i last went there. no a/c working and people had to fight for chairs to sit. uselesss =.=

but but! in the flight from chennai to KL, me n noreen met this super good-looking steward. no need to tell u how we acted, kalah budak2 bawah umur ;))


ahhhhh... its really good to be back home :)


sharliza said...

hotnya gambar2 i...hahahaha

hanaa (: said...

wth... =.=