Wednesday, August 19, 2009

done done and DONE

block 2 exams are finally overr!!! wheeee!!!! *hula dancing around the room*

in a summary..
pathology molested me.
forensic was kind-ish

pharmacology.. was pure fucked up shite. nuff said.

microbiology ended the stint by raping me.

nevertheless.. its finished. habis. kaw-tim! haha. me n noreen went straight to u-like after microb to pamper ourselves. she had the ritual alopecia session while i got a head massage. and later, got our ice-cream dose at piccolo's :))

remnants of our banana split & death by choc

after this stress circus, the well-deserved trip home is coming up close. will be happily breathing in KL's polluted air this sunday early morning! till then, errands has to be done. saree shopping, airtel business, etc etc etc.
exams might be over, but sarah and her cruel "esok pukul SEMBILAN PAGI, meeting msp" got me sighing just a lil bit. owell, she's doing her job nways :)

right now, bored as hell. not holding a book, feeling too relaxed, non-existent cup of coffee beside me.. seems so FOREIGN. geeezz.. the curse of a medical student. if ure not studying, then something's wrong somewhere. imagine... THREE more years of this.


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sharliza said...

perlukah ckp da alopecia session??hahaha