Friday, August 28, 2009

r.a.f.a.r ; without the (deeply missed) a.r

been hanging out with my girls for the past 2 days. had a buka-puasa outing yesterday at Seoul Garden,OU. 1st time there, great 1st impression. cheap enough, korean bbq buffet, A LOT of food. as how fahmi said, makan sampai lebam :)). us 5 lepak-ed at starbucks after, i HAD to get my dose of javafrap. terlalu rinduuuuu. teeheehee~

later, we (without rose) headed to Rasta, TTDI for their dose of shisha. i stress the THEIR part, saya budak baik tau :)). we talked, laughed, talked summore till 3am! uber fun, thats all i can say.haha.

today, the same faces. had a shopping trip! rose acted as our guide around Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. twas a perfect day :)

dearest shura n rai, u both are sorely missed. hurry back!!


sharliza said...

bajet good girl konon..hmph.. LOL

hanaa (: said...

n ur point is???? haha