Monday, August 10, 2009

swine flu cases in manipal. greaaatttttttt =.='

note to self : must go buy masks.

nasibb baikk i'm going home soon.not that its much many people dying already, and the numbers increasing by the day.

encik malaysian government, apa sudah jadi lei?? WHO,help please. thankyouverymuch.


in unstable mode, exams in 3 days. PFFFFTTTTTTTTTT!!



royale said...

take extra care of urself,k syg?

luv u so much..xoxo

sharliza said...

tu la..we hav to go buy "proper mask"..malu la nk jd masked rider...hahahahha

hanaa (: said...

hahahahhaha!! come to think of it, mask power rangers pun ada gak.hahahah!!!