Tuesday, August 25, 2009


awhile back, i promised my brother we would have a dessert-making session together. and today's menu included truffle! credits to adrina puteri who 1st gave me the recipe. though, i think mine lagi sedap than yours :p

finally rasmikan my brand new Kenwood Mixer, a present from mummy. wheee!! :). been wanting 1 since ever. no more big bowl and manually stirring the batter. i was in awe, the mixer even came with 3 diff beaters. simple words, twas a jakun-fied moment. heehee~

i gave the instructions from the sidelines, since aiman wanted to learn the works. ended up, the chesse sauce xjadi! haha. thats when the big sis comes in to save the day! :D. turns out pretty delish~

next project man?? :))



★mariam★ said...

looks yummy!!

malinaramlan said...

I totally second mariam.
and plus, A kenwood mixer??