Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 - 1

had a NZ-date with him and friends to watch the manU vs ARSENAL game last night. in conclusion?

we played the better game obviously, scoring our goal nicely. they won from a free-kick and an arsenal's own-goal (still hurts, thinking about that useless goal.ARRGHH!!). we could have drawn easily with that beautiful last minute goal, if its not due to the off-side call.

lady luck was basically MIA on our side. n like what that certain guy with a new manU jersey says, "its the end results that count". (WHATEVERR sayang :p)


victory comes from harmony

post script : this post is done after watching a frustrating game. hence, the overdose of pride, faith and support for the team. feel free to geleng2 kepala. haha :)