Sunday, June 14, 2009

balls; both dinner and game

yesterday, myself n noreen had small measley shopping spree.trying to find ourselves outfits for the upcoming supremo ball.

supremo ball : *refering to the ball part of the word* NO,its not a dinner and dance. its basically a time for us, mmmc medical students, to gather,have a laugh and dress up to the nines :))

found things we wanted, went home and started modelling away.haha.


made history today. i woke up at 6.30AM on an exams-over-very-perfect&sunny sunday for a futsal practice. fahmi woke me up sharp at 6.15, slow-talking me into waking up,telling me that my friends would be waiting for me. i DID become concious,but long enough to only say 'yes sayang..dah bgn dah niii..' andd.. i slept back.haha. sowie kamuh :)

my own alarm went off 5minutes later.making me awake and cursing away, snoozed it twice, then realised i'm going to be late. somehow,someway..i managed to push myself up, got ready and went to sharada court.

all in all,i'm rather proud of myself :))

minus the point that i came back to only roll on noreen's bed for another 3 hours.hahaha :D


tomorrow, block 2 officially starts.going back to classes again.sighh.. the only thing thats keeping me perked up is the thought of HOME

T-minus 10weeks till i see KUALA LUMPUR again !!!!

post script : dear R.A.F.A.R , me is missing u all :(


shURa said...

wooo im so touched babe...damn!!!..
now i noe y u r my sweet chubby comey molek fwen!!..luv u so so so much..damn gurl, u make me wanna cry for a moment..

hanaa (: said...

oiii.jgn la menangis! haha :))
love you too~

12345:) said...

ouhkay...wut kind of moment btween both of u,i juz experienced..hurmph..haha:D