Wednesday, June 3, 2009

exam mode totally on

my days now starts at 9am.ends by 2am..the block 1 exams starts this saturday, lasting for a week.hence,xplaining the nights of staying up, cramping as much as i can into my slowly necrosing brain *sigh*

just came back from the lib.proudly i say, i was there from 5-11pm.power x?? hahaha. me n shee got juling mata arnd 7 or so.decided to go to ccd.pumped ourselves wif evrything containing chocolate.pure bliss, ignoring the point that the cakes there oh-sgt-lah TIDAK SEDAP :S

announcement :
i'm having an acute anxiety attack.period.


malina said...

good luck hanna!!! :)
oh don't we all have that slowly diminishing brain cell moments? But do the best you can.


p/s i comment guna my blogger account (which is probably dead-er than the Elizabeths and Mr.Johns lying on dissection tables on anat labs). haha can't seem to comment using my xanga. oh well :)

12345:) said...

good luck weh! :)
semoga berjaya weh! :)
gambate weh! :)

bye :P

sharliza said...

good luck to us!!! but wait..9am?? bler plak nih?? hahahahhaha