Friday, June 26, 2009

loss of words

i got hit with a migraine attack this dengan terpaksanyaa i had to skip 2 of my morning classes *grins*. when i finally get up to be ready for the afternoon class, i found out that the GREAT Michael Jackson has passed away early this morning. i was literally rendered to speechlessness... i'm not a fanatic, yet his passing affected me in a way i could not discribe.

rest in peace dearest KING OF POP


my block 1 results came out after lunch.. once again today, i was in silence. it was somthing i didn't expect. no..i'm not happy AT ALL :( . *promise to self* i will, WILL study harder for the nxt block. but like what mummy said, its just one block.i've got 3 more to go.just keep faith n work harder. that xplains just y i love her so :))


parcel from home just reached me ; bearing sooo muchhh fooood!! the cabinet is now full again.haha. and special thanks to auntie mai for the sedap-gilaaa sambal tempe!! :)

aiman poyo :
soon..i'll be back soon.8 weeks more!! i noe the house is incomplete without need to annouce it publicly.hahahaha.
n you want to BAKE?!? erkkk... gagagaga.btw! i learnt how to do kek batek.nant i do for u kays~ and that trip to chilis is a MUST, but this time your duit.i'm poor compared to u :P

hani gedeek :
u nak jam baru?? sureeee.. i'll drive us to petaling street.mana2 u want..just choose.i bayar. deal? :D. and kamuh.. thanx for the nyam-nyam!!! hahahaha

owh, and i miss you both too :(

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12345:) said...

along along.petaling street punya jam apa brg wei.u noe r kn wher to get mine ;p

*ur welcome wif d nyam nyam.heeowl