Saturday, June 27, 2009

the call

just moments ago, mummy called me from home. she must be missing me *smiles*. had a mother-daughter bonding session :))

upon ending the call,i had the best laugh!

mummy :
i've been suruh-ing hani to get a boyfriend cepat2.afterwards, ppl jadi takut when dah berjaya kanggg... susah nk cari boyfriend! (in the background, i can hear her cursing n membebel-ing my mum.hahahaha!! :D ) nanti go australia, go find one n bring home. *then my mum shouts to hani* nant orang dah xnkk, baru tahu!!!


dear sis, go make mummy hapee n get 1 :D


12345:) said...

how pig-gy can u be? haha.
*i've nthing to cmment giv me a call.n i'l giv u a long lecture bout dis post*
call me! damn u ;p

12345:) said...

HAHA. sarah and boyfriend.
satu kisah yg sgt menarikkkk.
sarah i agreed with mummy!