Thursday, June 11, 2009

.: the week :.

blocks has ended.the stress couldn't even challenge what i felt for unis. quoting my friends after certain theory and PRACTICALS
"best banging session ever"


"whatever-lah.f**k it.*

and (my favourite)

"ever got raped by a paper?? this is how it feels"

on the bright side : hey, its only our 1st time in 2nd year. come block 2, this whole circus will start again and during that, we will be prepared :)) nuthing much to be added. got a few piccas though~

sheila slept off while waiting for pracs

like i said before,books share our beds

made me sleep at 4am

kerepek tempe *hugs to sheila's mum.kisses to sheila*
i've been kempunan-ing tempe since forever

me and sumi at ze food court

i'm just glad its over!! :))


12345:) said...

i tot friday is d last ppr.todayy eh.:) hm,hopefully.i turned out gud enugh last exam.mcm * je results nya.urgh

royale said...

bertahan..bertahan :)

sharliza said...

yey! its over!!!! hehe