Friday, June 5, 2009

sugar rush moments

life's pretty much monotonous these days.woke up at 11.30am (on my defence, i slept at 5am d night before okengs) but it ended with a laugh :))


nap.woke up.bathed.came out. thennn.....noreen came in my room stating that she's bored. being the brilliant me, i said "ice cream jom!!" sooooo.we got dressed.and headed to piccolo's. ate like two obedient pigs.hahaha :D

so,right nooowwww......
i'm loike super duper truper hyper!! wheee!
*relishes high school musical moment.dear partner-in-crime,lets do it again!! ngehehehehe*


okays,back to pathology *energy deflates*
great. pffft

1 comment:

sharliza said...

"ate like 2 obedient pigs"??? u yg ate like TWO obedient pigs..hahahhaha
it was fun! love u..u bjaye cheer me up la..actually bkn u je la..hahaha