Sunday, June 21, 2009


*please note the capital bolded A above :D*

faiqah nastasha.that girl of mine has officially made me so hooked on Boys Over Flowers (a korean series) , not that i'm complaining much *grins*

i'm not much of a korean series junkie, but this one is just so ridiculously funny yet incredibly sweet. owh, and not to mention.. i'm falling in LOVE with one of the characters, i.e So Yi Jung played by Kim Bum. go google if ur curious enough. i'm just going to continue drooling over his picture *ignore level of pathetic-ness please*


kak syikin organized a potluck for lunch today. me n noreen were in-charged with fruits and d drinks.went out of the house in d rain to get the things. may i say, we both sgt pro in mixing drinks and cutting fruits now.ngeee :))
i ate so much, i thought i was gonna xplode. we had ayam masak merah (kak syikin), udang+nenas masak lemak (kak naufa), fuchuk chinese style (ain) and jagung pudding (elle). i definately found heaven :D

later in the evening, i had my futsal tournament, under supremo games. andddd.. proudly i say, WE SCORED AND WON 1 GAME !!! it continues tomorrow, pray that it'll go well for us okengs!

- orange de rainbow -

today was simply AWESOME.full stop. :)


royale said...

nice...hv fun and gud luck ye.

malina said...
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malinaramlan said...

fun lah futsal! :)