Wednesday, June 17, 2009

post exam mode

days after a block exam is always the best.not sleeping late, coffee is no more a necessity, updating our movie lists. life is good :))

the other night, me n shee had our very own jamming session.did have some recordings but i have no idea how to post it we sang mariah carey's songs to celine dion's and also elton john's. it was superb fun! noreen just geleng kepala looking at us, i'm sure she malas nak layan us :D


the raining season has started in manipal land. and the rain here at times, would not stop for a few days literally. during these seasons, the big umbrellas will make appearances. it would seem like there is a competition going on. basically, sape nye umbrella paling lawa?? hahaha

note the yellow, 'bananas in pyjamas' looking umbrella on the right. cute kan??

post script : walking back to class after lunch, me n noreen saw shee's cousin hanging out. had to take a pic :))

reporting from a wet manipal,
me :)


12345:) said...

wei wei.xde org curi ke payung terbiar cmtu je?

asking from a land full of debu&habuk.*haze is back :[*

hanaa (: said...

dah semua org also leaves their payungs.hahaha