Thursday, June 25, 2009

dear readers,

its been awile since i wrote a real post.but there's really nuthing to story story to all of days now are very basic.same routine all round.
noreen comes in sharp at 8am,wakes me up.then class.lunch at 12.30pm,which means its a recharging nap for me.class ends by 4pm.finalize errands if any n heads home.mandi,makan,stdy * optional :p * n finally off to bed! this goes on for 5 days a week.sgt sgt 'exciting' kan?? sighhhhhh


right now, i'm rather busy with my mentor-student project. my group is researching about *clears throat*

" the hazard awareness and attitude on smoking and alcohol consumption among medical students of MMMC "

not that this project brings marks.basically,it allows us to sit for the exams. n dats d end of it.pembuangan masa yang berkesan don't you think??


and it is known very well that transformers 2 is out back home.guess the newest movie out HERE... happily i report, angels and demons finally embrace us with its presence. i've said it before, and i'll keep saying it again


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royale said...

stdy is an optional ahh? gud²..hehe

angels & demons? hehe..nvm, hope u sempat tgk ½blood prince, syg :)