Saturday, October 23, 2010

next up!

after 3 weeks of history taking, palpation (a word that i always tersasul with palpitations. hehh :D), main-main with itu stets; medicine postings are finally done! eventho it was very tiring, dgn ada doctor that won't even look at you if u want to ask her something, summore got patients that can pull their blankets over their heads so fast and buat-buat tido when we come near them; it was actually a nice experience. finally, i can see what it means to be a healer. regardless; aiman farhan, you're still to do SOMETHING ELSE and not medicine. harap maklum. heh :)

psychiatry postings coming after. excited? YES. as many of my dear ones know, i've always wanted to be a psychiatrist/psychologist for as long as i can remember. LOL. but it may not be like how i imagined it. fingers crossed people! X)

owh, dan jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

MAHU!!!!!! *salivates*

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