Thursday, November 11, 2010

bipolar-ed post

have i ever mentioned how egoistic, ridiculous, gila-malas-nak-layan tempe's are. ARGH T.T

two weeks ago, me and ainaa headed to udupi district police station to report ourselves, basically telling them ''HELLO! WE'RE BACK! againn....''. we also gathered info on how to extend our almost-expiring visa's. the pakcik misai gave us this form to fill, and its tajuk was...

form of application to be filled by ALIEN desiring to extend stay in india

and we were like, 'uncle! why alien?!?'. and he was like nodding, looking at us as if the reason is so obvious. i just can't terima, started blabbing how aliens = ET, UFOs, etc. he just wouldn't accept it, suddenly got up and stormed out of the room. the next thing we knew, he came back with a dictionary. he opened the book and started pointing, 'see! see!'

ALIEN : foreign, something out of nature
*go figure. sheeesh*

then, it clicked. apparently, foreign is a short of foreigner. aiyooooo =__________=
no words i tell you, none whatsoever.


in today's posting, i came across a suicidal patient with severe depression. it really breaks my heart to see people struggling with their everyday lives, hitting rock bottom. having feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness in them. so many hands reaching out to help, yet its not easy to overcome such a burden.

this new patient was telling us, he was ready to take away his life. he even planned it to be on the nov 5th. which means, he had to wait for a whole 2 weeks. why?? his salary day is on the 4th. so?? he wants to pay of the loans he had 1st. nvm that. found out later, his birthday fell on the oct 30th. he celebrated it by giving treats at a children's orphanage. a suicidal patient with conscious and a kind heart. albeit all that; in the end, he stated that no matter how much the doctors help.. there's just no hope for him.

he seemed so... normal. yet, an emotional war rages inside him. pulling him left to right. i gave a small prayer for him, hoping he'll get back to the right path safely~

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abd shim said...

hahaha..u r alien..kekeke