Saturday, October 9, 2010

*blows away all dust*

its been like what, almost a year? LOL. writing wasn't fun anymore before, things was going upside down for me. but now that i'm back on the original road, i can finally smile and say yawwwww, waddup!! :D

now that i'm in my clinicals, posted at the medicine wards. things are definitely wayy better then sitting my arse down at the study table to study patho, pharm, microb, blaaablaablaaa. more free time too. the rare mild honeymoon phase. haha.

the only thing is, the patients here don't actually know english. not even hindi or tamil kot, kannada is used around here. its basically how, cantonese n mandarin is the major chinese language.. and here, everyone uses hokkien only. aiya. for the 1st day, i felt like a 5 year old in front of the patient. flipping through the translation papers, looking for the word FEVER. took me blarrdy 15mins to ask "aunty, do u have fever?" ==''

asking is fine, the answer is a whole other story. LOL. nodding and geleng2 kepala i can take, yes and no. and we'll all go "aahhhhhhhh, no fever". but if the aunty extra baik and friendly, she'll start to story from A-Z in super speed. catching the words is hard enough, trying to actually faham the words. owh, the horror. haha :)

besides all that, its going great. company and nice memories. LIFE IS GOOD :)

postscript :
cik nurain dan babi kesayanganku,
dah lupa aku ke wei????


abdul rahman said...

Good for u..

nadiah fatin said...

me too! life's going upside down. tunggang terbalek~ sobssobs~

sharliza said...

i miss u..hehe