Friday, October 15, 2010


ever had this feeling that u're not adequately enough? no matter how hard u try to make a person comfortable, u can never achieve it. ever thought urself as irritatingly annoying? or is it annoyingly irritating.. does it even make sense? keeping a brave face forward, yet also wanting to shout out of frustration. is it really a crime to be happy always? to look at everything optimistically? i mean, compared to all the so called problems we face.. we are not the ones fighting against a fatal disease; or tak cukup makan ke.. life may not dish out the best of everything for us, but the least we could do is make the best of it right? now, am i being a surrealist; when i should be living as a realist?


went to my dearest friend, mariam's blog. to find out its actually illegal to be fat in japan; click here. if this law gets implemented all over the world, this would so rid most diseases that haunt mankind now. and HUGE plus point, more hot guys too drool at XD *hannaaa hannaaa. tsk tsk tsk*

owh, dan saya MAHU itu iphone4. alahaiii. all the pictures i've seen was like "cik hanaaa, beli lah saya. u know u want me". sgt spoilt brat, saya tahu. but owh well..


Mariam Badidu said...

that's why. penyakit macam2! thats why japanese, their life expectancy very high kan?

Aneesah said...

Yes, yes because not everyone gels with everyone and that is fine. Occasionally but not really. Sure it makes sense. Not a crime, but one can't be in denial of what one feels deep inside, surely it isn't "happy always"? Second one is probably not a crime. Yeap. The world needs all kinds of people; surrealist realist idealists ists ists ists...

:P Haii Farahh! Lama tak bersua. I'm just bored and sleepy. ^^

hanaa (: said...

mariam : itu la kan! they are like all so badan cergas, otak cerdas. hahaha. how's all the cooking going?? :D

neesah!! its been so long budak. haha. *hug*