Thursday, November 26, 2009

ekjams ekjams

everything has slowed down just a tiny tinnyyy bit since d last 2 weeks. as usual; every block exam made us curse, turned us into zombies. everyone had the "i'm dead, ignore me" faces after finishing the CSI paper. haha. i'm on my oh-so-normal detoxifying period of caffeine.. practically drank 3 packets of nescafe each day to make sure i stay awake. actuallyyyy, i think its more of a drug-dependence scenario, but whatever-lahh :))

with block 3 theory papers finnaalllyyy done, the next 4 days are for the practicals. ze thought of having exams on raya is sooo de-motivating. i bet those two budak2 gedik tgh enjoy mummy's rendang ayam, kuah kacang & nasi impit. danggggg~

aidiladha this year is very toned down. prayers in ze early morning, and to rush back to study for the afternoon paper. it kinda struck me....

with all the amount of cows walking around, we could actually have a raya bash.
that is..
if u're not beaten up yet by the locals. HAHA.


on a different note,
was reading incik aiman's blog. found out he bought a tee from forever21. geeezzz! i didn't even know the existence of these high-end brands until i went into college. what's with the kids now, growing up so fast?? to think that i 1st shopped in forever21 when i was 19yrs. this brother of mine is only 16 !
last holidays, i turned out to be the shortest, albeit being the eldest. its only in ze matter of time, they don't need kak farah to drive them around anymore. aiyooo..

**budak2; suree, grow up. no one's stopping you. but slow-slow laaa :))

well,that's that :))

dearest family, sayang, RAFARs, chico, beloved pigs, friends near and far, EVERYONE;


loves from manipal,

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12345:) said...

hahaha :DD
wei! hnestly,v cant wait til u cme home evry 6 mnths to drive us,v hav to least,me noe how to rempit now..*excluding the incident i kena tolak moto balik umah tday from hujung jln :((*
ouh wel! aimn mmg! afta more spending money on him already weii..he has lots of mney.n sgt kedekut wei! n!!! my money! u owe me rm100! u better pay back wei.i dunt hav enugh $$$ to go roundings now..plz n tq :)