Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a day

block 3 is officially over todayy!!!! *grinsss* like any other exams, it has been hard n draining. today's paper was patho practicals. FYI, for this block.. the clinical skills curricular is newly added for us, following according ze unis exams, bla bla bla.
sooo, we had a suturing station @ stitch @ jahit luka lahhh. went for it with confidence and all. even got a "very good!". went to ze nxt station; only to realize, i forgot to anesthetize my patient's hand. started hitting my head quietly.. imagine if it was a real person.. i would have kena terajang weyhhh! hahaha :DD.

dancing competition coming up!! like this wednesday. practice's on full force. a full tube of deep heat is left with only half its content. owell, its now an all out situation right :))

end of the day scenario :p

classes starts tomorrow. sooo fast wan. hardly can breathe weyh. block 4's up. unis will be coming soon. *groansss loudly* just thinking about my 1st unis, makes my dread like hell about this 2nd one. it was a traumatic month and i'm NOT exaggerating on that point. but stil, its d end that makes it worth it right :D

lain-lain :

me and alifah showing of our jerseys :D

we had our own makan-makan (a small one lahh) during ze morning of raya haji. imagine enjoying nasi impit and kuah kacang with exam notes on ur left. aiyoo. sgt sgt menyedihkan~

sekian, terima kasihh !

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malinaramlan said...

hahaha picked u guys punya jersey up the other day with Syauqi. i was wondering sapa "senpai".

Good luck for your exams hanna!