Friday, November 13, 2009

who's the bitch?

so many things has happened over such a short period of 7 hours. its so draining, really. so many things to shout and rant about, yet i'm keeping it cool. malas nk layan mode. as a great friend of mine said : just lepak-lahh. since they DESPERATELY need the postponement..bagi je lah. lets just ignore the point that we were given the same amount of time to get the routines and costumes ready; regardless that they practiced earlier compared to us; or we had to balance an upcoming very-very-close block exam with the practice timings. i just wonder.. lets just say, i'm not ready for an exam. can i just plainly go to the dean the day before, n say "sir, i'm not ready.can we postpone the exams??". its really a question of ethics here, don't you think? playing dirty, calling the innocent a bitch behind her back (c'mon lah, doesn't that makes u the real bitch? aiyoo), being immature. seriously.. this is soo ridiculous! i hate to stir things up, making it worse as it already is. i'm taking it all in a stride quietly now, but as the saying goes.. karma can be a bitch as well u know :))


Anonymous said...

sabar je la...bia je, yg penting kite nk gak jerit, "biarrtcchh!!!"...hahaha...

p/s: hulur le brownies sket ble buat tue...orangies or chocolaties pon will do!!...ekekeke

hanaa (: said...

itu lah..haha!

orangies n chocolaties?! apakah?? HAHA. nk buat kat cni,mcm x best.nant kat melaka campus, i buat every week.HAHA ;)

chup,hello.. blog private apa guna la dei?? :p