Sunday, November 15, 2009

block 3 !

exams have arrived again. doomsday starts this thursday, ending only on next saturday. pray hard for me please, am in need of GREATTT HELP now :). overdose of coffee as usual. guess what, coffee (as in the caffeine in it) is a treatment for migraine. got me wondering there, drinking coffee at times gives me a migraine. haha.

after all this ends, a hectic weekend starts for the mmmc-ians! back to back; indian dance competition, annual night, lagenda '09 and malaysian food fest. WOOT WOOOT!! i'm in for the indian dance. yeahhh..will try not to break the stage XD

* lagenda : its basically a malaysian cultural night, organized by the Malaysian Student Association for the campus.
malaysian food fest : need i xplain the obvious?? glorious food, more glooorioouuussss FOOOOD :D

mummy couldn't make it here again this sem. sighh. oh well, it IS due to unavoidable circumstances. shee's mum is coming tho! omg, (more) free good food?? hahaha :)).
mak jam is heading to makkah for her hajj. gave her a call, made me smile, miss her :). if only i can follow, i miss that heavenly place. *writes in list-to-do : umrah trip!*

okengss lah, enough break. gotta get my arse moving again on the pharmac pathway. geezz~ how can there be soo many different drugs! if its for different diseases, i still can take it. but for the same blarddyy disease?! pharmaaacccc *groans inwardly*
miss ashura zulkafli, u have my utmost respect for actually majoring in PHARMACOLOGY. i feel u woman, i feel u. haha :p

bye bye blog, hello ubat-ubatan


nadiah fatin said...

teringat ayat k.may, 'makan macam ...'

amicus curiae said...

babe, all the best for your block exam.

eh i link your blog to mine k? easy reference :)

hanaa (: said...

nadia : oitss! hang datang that day. sorryyyy sgt! i was sleeping!!

afzan : thanxxx :)))