Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a short hiatus

exams season's up. i know, surely u guys are thinking "selama ni pun always exammm wat"..

but this time, its like big; HUGE. tahap grand master ahh. university exams, the FINALS. sigh. just fin block 4 exams & i'm already mentally tired. god bless me through out the next month. amin~

blogging would go on a kura-kura pace now. considering nothing interesting will actually happen; besides me studying, sleeping, studying, eating, sleeping.. everyday. for a month. see. not interesting :p

special shoutout!!!

anak johari no.2, budak SARAH HANI;
totally scored a place in sydney weyh!! dah la i x sempat meet u this february... sighhhh....
till we ACTUALLY meet, cancel TGI fridays ah. this needs a bigger makan-makan! chinese food shangri-la! fuuhhh.. layan XD

hugss womang! congratzz :))

anak johari no.3, mamat AIMAN FARHAN;
looks like, it was worth it laa.. u ass-kissing everybody through out these years. hahaha :DD. i expect you to score tokoh pelajar for this year ah. then, for once.. i can go to the school and shout for u in the front row, with a banner that says "saya kakak tokoh pelajar!! woot woot!!" & an arrow that points down to me. just how cool is THAT! hahaha XD

hence, u pun kena blanje me makan laterrr :)

miss u guys! :)

anak johari no.1

heee <3

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blurrastion, confusion n dunnos said...

hallooo! u alwizz ask ppl to blanje u ar...adik2 pun mau pau kah?! hahahahah - Kak Yang