Friday, January 15, 2010

missing the other four saaannggaaatttt !!!

in normalcy, u always hear the daughter standing up against the parents to fight for their loved ones. the strict father saying NO! to the chosen guy, the mother disapproving. and now, i must admit i've watched too many dramas. haha :p

10 minutes ago, i laughed my arse off to Pluto while on the phone with my mum. i was being entertained with the latest gossip of my sister having a so-called calon boyfriend. HAHA. and the best part is, hearing the two females bickering thru the phone; the mother asking the daughter to GET a boyfriend, the daughter saying TAKNAK.

mum : xnak dah all this good good friends. i want a different friend pulak.
daughter : good friend, boyfriend. same ony! go out, play, makan, balik. ok la tuh!


owh, how i pity my dad now *sniggers*

rinduuuuu gila kat koranggg!!! :))

1 comment:

sarah said...

kakak aku = pig
hahaha.wei..jgn lyn gossips sebegini