Friday, January 22, 2010


finally, the stress sets in. well enough to make a friend of mine lose her mind. marsheila om wrote a pantun yang perasan tahap dewa kentut. her only bahan is me n noreen. useless bitch. hahahaha XD

i'll let u read it for urself n judge her sanity accordingly. heee. bagi i, she dah over-dose microb. star student dah finish block THREE siallll. haha :p.

some words were erased to protect identities *caya ahh, my ayat.haha :p*

just click to enlarge :)

me and noreen tried a counter-attack (the ones in green is ours). haha. fyi, the 2nd verse,yang below the 'cacing'.. I YANG BUAT. hahahaha :p

but, alas.. she bambu us back by writing the last 4 sentences (after the whee!! ngee~). cheh.

accompanying this, is the pathogenesis of tetanus.
hence, yes mummy.. we ARE studying. don't worry :p

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