Saturday, December 26, 2009

rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer :)

its already the 25th of december. time flew so fast. classes ended officially for 2nd year. 1 week till the block 4 exams. 41 days till the unis. phew.

*stress put aside*

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! ! !

spent the whole day humming ze carols. from rudolph, to 12 days of christmas, and (my very fav!) santa's coming to town. haha. i miss walking around the malls back home, the carols would be playing & being re-played the whole day for sure ;)

study mode is totally on for everyone now. i spent 5 hrs in the library today, a feat i haven't done for a very BERRRYYYY loong time. rather proud of me-self. haha. i did mention, sudah lama tidak pigi itu library. the security is super tight now, even with metal detectors over the bags before entering the main library. mcm kat airport la pulakkk =.='

me and ze girls bought 2metres of clear plastics to paste on the walls. so, its easier if wanna draw diagrams ke, buat flow charts ke, etc. CEEWAHH XD.

but in the end...

*click to enlarge*

the only academical parts are written on the few post-it notes at the far corner. haha. if u can't read what's written.. even better! haha. and please, look and forget everything u just saw. owh, and yeahh, noreen sgt vainnn. hahaha :p

before you geleng-geleng kepala, we DO write notes and paste them. noreen's are nicer to look at, since mine are..... yeah, hers are better *grins*

mind u, this is just a small portion. and now, u can go wahhhhhhh-liaaaaoooooo :))

joe apek & amyy cooked a christmas dinner just now. a small makan-makan for 7 of us. its was very nice to have kick-ass company. haha. we ate ALOT, laughed, talked and more laughter. all this while carols play in the background. the only thing missing was the tree ;)

new year's coming up. gotta at least think of something to do. LOL.
(confirm mummy's face berkerut after reading this sentence :D)

till then, its back to the books!
good night y'all !!!

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