Saturday, May 30, 2009

sweet tooth

today,d girls are having their usrah session in our house.noreen, being in charge of d food, got the menu ready and all.with all of this going on,the 'jamie oliver' part of ourselves got excited. went out to get the raw stuff.. came back with dreams of jelly,custard n kek batek!

left : sheila, ajk activity
right : noreen, ajk makan-makan
( x padan dgn badan at all.haha)

with me as the tetamu undangan.ngehehehe

we got rather messy, esp with the kek batek.

-custard in the making-

-marie biscuits for kek batek-

-jelly powder, malaysia mali ah :)-

-aftermath of kek batek-

but the end results...

jelly :)) ,with nata de coco n longan

custard setting in d fridge; the butter beside it is later used for kek batek

ze kek batek :))

selamat tengok je la ek
*stuffs face*..sedappp gileeeerr~


12345:) said...

haha.xde keinginan pun.wei,asl usrah kat umah u all? bt u all kerja prepare food je? :D

sharliza said...


royale said...

hahaha..sedap ke?

ada kerjasama from u ke ni yang? hehe

hanaa (: said...

syg,i helped out kot.hishh!