Sunday, May 24, 2009

sangat sedeh okengs...

was talking to sayang.angels n demons came up.den followed by night at the museum 2.

few hours later,chico enlightened me abt his experience with angels and demons.and also,he's happily taking his niece for night at the museum 2 tomorrow.
*double sigh*

n i say..
"what on earth am i doing here?" *SIGH*

and,the cherry on top..

me : sgt sedeh ok..dah la my 1st day of exam falls on d wedding day,on d 6th.mengongggggg~!

*the wedding's refer to two cousins of mine,which is getting married on the same part of it,one is going to happen in cheras,kuala lumpur.n the other one is in sungai koyan, cool is that.. and as u can observe,i'm d only person who is not going to be there!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

kak yang : exam soon yer? pity u won't b here for both wedding...:(. u nak gambar? 3g (kira live telecast ler kan)...or Vcam..or Wcam?...pileh ler....akan dgn besar hatinya beta usahakan...

p/s : i dah watch Nite In da Mesuem best lgk sgt best kalau farah join jugak ... ayat sekadar mengambik ati yer..jgn pasan lelebey...

me : argh!!!! dun talk movie!! *sakit hati ku*

kak yang : nanti nak tgk monster vs alien...wif aiman n honey..3D babe...nak join meh ar....hahahahaha...july ada ice age 3 n apa yg penting..harry potter...hahahahah

me : *eyes narrows into slits*
i'm gonna stop toking to u..n sambung stdy in this rate.arggh!!

kak yang : okay slamat study....tpkan cuba bygkan sambil study minum frap sbucks....mesti shiok...

and all this happened in one same fateful day.
what have i done to deserve this??


1 comment:

12345:) said...

ala.kakak ku yg tersyg :P
lek r duhh.its juz till end of nxt yr.n u'll b back in melaka 4 gud.everydy,nk bergelumang dgn starbuck pun.xpe :)) mvies kn ada cetak rmpak..u'll catch up.:D
n d weddings..ouh i pun mgkn xleh attend abg pnya in dh balk kak siti noor on sundykn..ptg tu..trus kena hntar iu balk mndy ada class,kita sama je ;)